Deadpool Breaks Superhero Standards

Zachary Liddle

On February 12th, “Deadpool” was released. Director Tim Miller is responsible for the creation of this film. This movie is an R rated film for a very good reason; it contains nudity, violence and swearing. Deadpool, however, is known for violence and inappropriate language.
Tim Miller created a record breaking film. It had the biggest opening weekend for an R-rated film, the biggest opening weekend for a first time director, biggest 20th Century Fox debut, and many more, as stated by Forbes journalist, Scott Mendelson.
“Deadpool” stars lead actor Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as Deadpool’s love interest, and T. J. Miller as Weasel (Deadpool’s friend/weapon supplier). Stan Lee made his normal cameo as well. He was shown as a srtip club DJ and had very little dialogue which is the norm.
The movie did a great job of portraying Deadpool. He was made to be very witty and intentionally breaks the fourth wall which leads him to realize he is in a movie or comic book. This trait gives him the ability to make humorous statements that others cannot make and fully immerse the audience in the movie. This film followed the original comic backstory of Deadpool as well.
Wade Wilson, a former special operatives agent, is now a working mercenary and picks up jobs wherever he can get paid. He is later diagnosed with cancer and becomes very sick. Wade is later approached, while looking for another payment, by an unknown man in a suit. The man offers him a chance to have his cancer cured if he simply goes through some tests made by an organization called Weapon X.
These tests will give him an ability called “a healing factor” which allows him to heal any wound or ailment almost instantly. This test, while it does give him the healing factor, also puts his cancer into a sort of overdrive and the cancer scars his entire body. He becomes basically a walking tumor.
The movie was rated an 8.7 on its IMDB page and is awarded an 84 percent on the Rotten Tomato website. Although it was a great comedy, it is not fun for the whole family. This movie contains content that may not be kid-friendly, but that is for the parent to decide whether or not it is appropriate for their children. This would mostly fit into the age group of about 17 and above, young teens around 15 years old may find it to be ok.
“Deadpool” was a great film for comedy and action. This concoction of action and humor had made $134 million during opening weekend. Finally, during the post credit scene, Ryan Reynolds confirms that there is movement towards filming a “Deadpool 2”.