All Hail the King and Queen


By Daniela Paz

Homecoming King DeArius Hooper and Queen April Curtis. Photo by Daniela Paz

You hear the crowd roaring, your feet stomping, your heart pounding until you hear ‘And this year’s homecoming queen is…’

Last week Loy Norrix High School celebrated their Homecoming. Friday night was the topic of the week; everything from who was going to win the game, who was going to the dance, and who was going to win king and queen.

Although there were a few sad faces, everyone could agree that it was a great experience and honor to make in into the homecoming court.

Seven boys and seven girls make up the senior court. This year, seniors Ray’Von Jones and Valorian Cunningham took the title of the princess and prince. While seniors April Curtis and DeArius Hooper took home the crown.

“I was excited [when they said my name],” said Hooper. “And I was thinking of what I was going to do after.”
Many can honestly say that they were very surprised with who the student body picked to be their king and queen.

“I would have been fine [if I didn’t win],” said Curtis. “But when they said my name I was surprised, I didn’t believe it”
With all 14 candidates campaigning, the student body knew that only a few votes were going to separate the winners. The court knew that only two students would win.

“I wanted to win but I wasn’t going to be upset if I didn’t,” said Jones. “I was happy for the experience.” Jones is mostly happy that she was nominated on to the court and believes that each one of them took a bit of the crown home.

“Everyone is a winner,” said Jones. “Even I still felt like a queen.”

Valorian Cunningham was announced the homecoming prince. Being that it was only his second year at Loy Norrix, Cunningham was okay with the idea of being prince.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Loy Norrix class of 2012,” said Cunningham. “And to be their 2011 homecoming prince.”
Laughs, cheers and joy ended the homecoming game with a win. The students and teachers made their way to the cafeteria to dance the night away.