Going to School in Ecuador

By Roberto Cevallos

Photo of Roberto Cevallos by Leah Rathbun

Around the world you can find every kind of school and all of them are different. Specifically we are going to talk about schools in Ecuador and its capital city Quito.

In Quito there are public and private schools and some of them are Catholic schools. I used to go to an all-boy private Catholic school called Intisana. You can find good and bad things being in a school like that.

The schools in Ecuador are not very big. There are guys from 6 to 18 years old in the same place and the student population is about eleven hundred, and everyone has different schedules that change everyday. We have 12 different types of classes. Each day you have eight classes and you don’t have the opportunity to choose your classes. Classes that we have that are different from Loy Norrix are environmental philosophy and religion, students can not choose their classes, everyone has to take all the subjects. We have classes from 7:20 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., it is a very long time to be in school.

All of the students at Intisana wear uniforms. Every Monday all students from freshmen to seniors have to wear a blazer, then every day changes. Sometimes you wear dress pants with a collared shirt, school sweater and dress shoes, or a track suit with the school logo on it. But when you become a senior you create your own hoodies that all seniors wear to school. These hoodies have your name, the year you graduate, and also the initials of your school. This is really nice for seniors in Quito because it is a change from the same boring uniforms that aren’t very different.

Almost all the students are warm and friendly and you can see it when you go to lunch or recess because all the people come to you and start talking to you, they really want to learn about you and it really feels like you’re in a family.

We have three recesses, one is 40 minutes and people use it to either read or go to church. The other breaks are also 40 minutes, and during those breaks you can find enough time to talk with your friends and meet new people.

A really interesting thing is that when you become a junior you have the chance to tour Europe with all of your friends. While there you can visit places like Rome, Paris or Madrid. That is really interesting for students because they see new cultures, different technologies and architecture, and also new people with different ideas.

During senior year, students have the chance to have lunch with their teachers and friends. This is because it is the last year and teachers try their best to make students feel special and loved. These are memories that will last forever.