The Star Spangled Soldier Returns to the Big Screen

Zachary Liddle

A movie of action, betrayal and a lot of shaky fight scenes. The third installment of “Captain America,” directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, made a whopping $75.253 million the first day. It has had the eighth largest first day gross in history right behind “The Dark Knight” at $75.7 million. They finished seventh and eighth, for the top grossing movie, to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” being the highest earnings at $119.1 million.
Though it was a Captain America film, many fans were focused on Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Fans could not wait to see Holland in action as the new Spider-Man and some were very skeptical of Holland based on the movie trailers that had been released. Fans were concerned that Holland was too young to play late teen Spider-Man.
The film received high ratings on rotten tomato and IMDB, and was rated as a phenomenal film. “Civil War” has received an over all 90 percent on Rotten Tomato and an 8.4/10 on IMDB. It also had an ever growing overall gross in the box office at $1.112 billion as of June 7th.
The film follows little to no part of the original story. Though it had a decent story, it was mediocre to Marvel’s Civil War comic series. The comic’s story is started by a group of heros accidentally blowing up a school, later a fight between marvel heros breaks out and Captain America is later assassinated. Comic readers agree that the only similar part of the movie was the fact that the heros were in disagreement on whether to sign a law that keeps heroes in check by the government.
“Captain America: Civil War” has good action and a decent use of the characters. Costume designers deserve some recognition for Black Panther’s black with silver trim and Spider-Man having his original spider emblem. Though people were skeptical about the new Spider-Man uniform, it received much praise once the movie was released.
Fans can never expect a movie based off a comic or book to be perfect. Book or comic based movies can be good, but there will always be some issues with trying to match the original. Whether it be editing, legal issues or funding, there may never be a movie that perfectly matches the original source.