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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

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Halloween is Being Plagued

By Marta Grabowski

Last night kids all over America put on their best Halloween costumes and went door to door begging for candy, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free candy? Since everyone loves free candy, it is no surprise that there are Halloween goers who are ruining this holiday.

If you are above the age of 13, you should no longer go trick or treating. I think it should be a state law.

In protest of older kids mooching candy, I gave gross candy to any trick or treater who were past the age of 13. This was my own personal protest against these terrible individuals ruining Halloween. I had a system set up. I had “good candy” and then I had “bad candy.” The good candy, like Reese’s, Kit Kats, Twizzlers and suckers were given to the cute little children and the bad candy consisted of tiny Jolly Rancher chews and plain Hershey’s bars, which were given to the older kids.

Halloween is about dressing up as someone you wish you could be. Impressing others with your creative costumes and showing off your costume to neighbors for candy in return.

Halloween is being ruined by older kids trick or treating. My experience with older kids trick or treating is that they are rude and not even creative about their costumes. Most don’t even say trick or treat when they come to your door; instead, they just open their pillowcases and wait for the candy to be dropped in. They even neglect to say thank you.

Another big problem with these Halloween vigilantes is that they don’t even dress up. They throw on a scream mask and think that it’s suffice for a costume, simply ridiculous.

Yesterday, a girl who was far too old to be trick or treating came up to my front porch opened her bag and waited for me to drop in candy. I, in turn, gave her a pitiful piece of candy and told her she was too old to be trick or treating. As she walked away, without saying thank you, I heard her mumbling under her breath. Hearing this disrespect I responded by saying, in a less then cheerful tone “Happy Halloween!”

Along with the disrespectful teenagers, I had two old ladies come up and trick or treat. They simply came up to me, opened up their Meijer bags and waited for their candy. I was dumbfounded by this. Two old ladies, not even with any children, not even in costume, without even saying trick or treat, demanded candy from me. They didn’t even say thank you.

My advice for Halloweeners who are above the age of 13 is to stay home. If you don’t want to do that and really feel your life is incomplete with out mooching some free candy, then go to Meijer and purchase your very own bag of candy. Don’t plague this holiday.

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  • V

    viktoria PashbyNov 3, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    I think this is kind of true but at the same time the older kids that are creative and didn’t get trick or treat till they were ten its kind of fun to still do it. I know I’m 16 but i still went anyway it was fun showing people how creative you are.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Halloween is Being Plagued