Hallway Congestion: Getting Around Loy Norrix More Quickly

Shane Harrelson

Ways to get through the hallways. Including the two major traffic jams known to Loy Norrix. Graphic Credit / Shane Harrelson

There is a serious congestion problem in the hallways of Loy Norrix. Students often find themselves completely stopped either waiting for large groups of people to move, or for hallways to unclog from student traffic. The issue is caused by students congregating in groups in the main intersections of the school’s hallways.
Ninety percent of students surveyed during B lunch identified the intersection of the A wing, B wing and the large hallway between the Cafeteria and Library as the most congested area of the school.
Passing time is only five minutes long and Loy Norrix holds approximately 1,500 students, When groups of seven or so congregate in the hallways it affects the amount of time each student has to get to class. Groups of motionless students halt the flow of students trying to get to class on time. This is a very inefficient system. The students who do not care if they get to class on time affect those who do in a negative way.
This seems to be a topic of frustration throughout the entire school. “Stop standing still in the middle of the hall!” said senior Eddie Landon, quite passionately.
The issue is apparent, but how should the student body deal with it? The solution is avoidance. Students need to stop standing in the halls during passing time and avoid the main intersections when it is possible. However, usually avoiding the main intersection isn’t possible, which is why this is such a huge problem.
Some good shortcuts you can use to get around the student traffic include: if you’re in the scenario in which you  have a class in the C wing and need to get to the B wing take the hallway that connects the B wing ramp to the C wing. It is almost never congested. Another good shortcut is going through the tower to get from the M wing to the J wing. After you go through the tower, go down the hallway next to the main and guidance offices and through the K wing to the four corners. If you had to get from the M wing to the C wing, you can cut through the cafeteria if it’s unlocked.
When you’re in a situation in which you must go through the congestion, the best method is to weave through the crowd in whatever way you possibly can. This skill is an extremely valuable one at Loy Norrix, and you could be chronically late without it.
Attending Loy Norrix definitely trains you on how to get through a crowd. You have no option but to pass slow kids in the halls. Another solution that commonly appeared on the survey was to paint lanes on the floor and treat the hallway like a two way road system. Unfortunately this would not be a feasible solution because any sort of enforcement of this rule would be one, impossible, and two, ridiculous. Having security guards or teachers telling kids to walk on the right or left side of the halls all day just wouldn’t work and it would make the school feel too much like a prison.
The hallways of Loy Norrix are insufficient. The only solution is for the entire student body to cooperate and understand that when a group of people stand in the middle of the hall during passing time, it affects everyone’s ability to get to class on time. Be courteous because nobody in the school is given the choice of being there and everyone has to put up with the lack of space in the halls already.