Play 60 and Stay Healthy

By Matt Streitel

Senior Stevenson Storm plays on the Loy Norrix Varsity soccer team. Soccer is a great cardiovascular workout. Photo by Racheal Koole

“I have never gone this hardcore before,” said junior Lady Knight’s basketball player, Mataya Simmons.

 Simmons is getting ready for her junior year of basketball by staying active in the off-season.

Simmons joined the YMCA in third grade where she started her basketball career.

“I am trying to get in shape for the basketball season,” Simmons said. This is what many people do that play sports.

What happens to others who don’t play sports? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the adult obesity rate in the United States is 33.8 percent. 17 percent of children between the ages of 2-19 are obese in this country. There are 12 states that have at least 30 percent of people are overweight. 30.9 percent of people in Michigan are overweight.

Simmons tries to eat healthy as a way to keep in shape.

“I stay away from fast foods,” said Simmons.

Staying active is huge to keeping in shape.

“[I] hit the weight room,” said junior Ronald Dodson a Loy Norrix Varsity football player.

Dodson is one of the 67% of people in the United States that stay active. He also has a well-balanced meal every day.

Play 60 is the National Football League’s campaign to encourage kids to be active for 60 minutes a day. This program encourages kids to play in school, after school and join team-based programs to help fight the childhood obesity rate. The contest I Pledge to Play 60 gives an opportunity for kids to win free super bowl tickets. The grand prize winner will also run the game ball out to the field before the game starts. During this trip you will meet NFL stars and get to spend some time with them. Americans can check out the website to find tips from real NFL players and teams in exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Just playing 60 minutes a day can reduce the obesity rate and turn our country in the right direction to a lessened obesity rate. So go outside or to a gym nearby and stretch, run a mile, lift some weights or play a sport for fun. Keep the obesity rate down.