Student of the Month: September

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Ten recipients attended the student of the month lunch meeting with Kelly Hinga and Rodney Prewitt. They all were recognized for their hard work around the classroom and school. Photo Credit / Christian Baker

Student of the Month: September
Students of the month are the select few chosen by teachers to be noticed in the halls, the morning announcements and the newspaper. This award is not given out to just anyone, it is worked for and very difficult to earn. The following students were nominated for the month of September:
Stephanie Basurto – 9th
Alexis Weeden – 9th
Xochitl Hernandez – 9th
Reghan Bailey – 11th
Diamond Shannon – 11th
Jordan Cox – 11th
Tajh Smith – 12th
Adheiliah Richards – 12th
Michaela Whalen – 12th
Jaylan Shields – 12th
Teachers of the Month were:
Claudia Witt, staff member of the  month
Anna Ward, staff member of the  month
“Being student of the month means a lot to me. I feel like I’m finally being recognized for the little things that I do. My hard work is finally paying off,” said senior Tajh Smith. Smith was nominated by drama teacher Paige O’shea.
“Tajh is incredibly helpful in the classroom. There are a few individuals in the class that need extra help and he is genuine and kind in helping them,” said O’shea
“Being student of the month is pretty crazy because it feels like teachers don’t like me that much. Señora Holmes nominated me for the small things that I do in her class and around the school,” said senior Jayan Shields.
“He is a beautiful person and is as much as a teacher to me as I am to him,” said Holmes.