Inspired by Tragedy

Junior Yogi Trejo practices her craft on senior Keith Toornman. She methodically rubs his muscles and releases all tension.

By Keith Toornman

In the year 2004, near Las Vegas, Nevada, the mother of now junior, Yocelyn “Yogi” Trejo was in an automobile accident. She was in a brutal collision with an eighteen wheeler and suffered spinal injury. She broke a total of eight disks in her spine. She soon received treatment through the form of massage therapy. From this time on Yogi Trejo knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a massage therapist and help people that went through similar situations as her mother did.

“I have been doing massage therapy since I was nine years old,” said Trejo.

Trejo went to the therapy sessions with her mom to see what it was like. Soon she fell in love with it and, started to learn from her mother’s therapist. The therapist taught her the proper methods and techniques. She learned a lot of what she now knows by just talking to different therapists.

LoyNorrix Psychology teacher, Sean Bergan said that massage therapy is “very relaxing” and after getting a massage he “seems to be a little more at ease.”

Massage therapy has long been known as a means by which people are relieved of stress and pain. The therapy itself is the act of rubbing tense muscles to relax and soothe them. It helps with both the physical and psychological pains. Now, Trejo’s family has moved to Kalamazoo, far away from the therapists who originally taught her so much. Trejo is now the main source of therapy her mother receives. Utilizing what she has learned, she provides relief to both of her parents when needed. Trejo now wants to attend Lansing Community College to learn even more about this therapy.

“They have a major in psychology and massage therapy,” said Trejo. “I’m really excited to go to college, and have new experiences.”