Fundamentals of Health Science

Meghan Lewis


Fundamentals of Health Science is an Education for Employment (EFE) class taught at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The class is for juniors and seniors in high school who are looking to go into the medical field.
The class is taught by Cheryl Tiernan and Mrs. Kuzmick and helps prepare students for the real medical world by allowing students to experience a hospital setting for a year. Not only does the class help prepare students, but they can also earn college credit upon successful course completion. Tiernan teaches in the classroom and Kuzmick instructs during labs. Kuzmick also sets up workplace observations and does all of the check offs. Check offs involves demonstration of a certain skill  then students receive credit for knowing how to do the skill. The class also prepares students by requiring scrubs or professional dress and having a professional environment.
So far, students have been taught patient identification, cleaning up a spill, fire safety, correct hand washing, solution identification, correct medical abbreviations and much more. Currently students are working on correct application and removal of personal protective equipment.