The Accidental Racist: The All Lives Matter Campaign is Racist and Many Who Follow it are Unaware

GUEST WRITER: Ciera Mcclenton Langston
jeen-jacket-wThe All Lives Matter campaign was started as a response to the Black Lives Matter campaign. All Lives Matter is a response movement meant to say we shouldn’t just support the well-being of black people, but of all people. However, this is unnecessary, because the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) isn’t putting black lives over all lives, but rather saying black lives are being subject to injustice and racism, and that needs attention. Therefore, the All Lives Matter Campaign is racist.
The majority of those who follow the All Lives Matter movement are white. Jesse Damiani of “Huffington Post” best sums up this logic:
“If you’d had to witness the gross injustices committed against those in non-white communities, you would understand why ‘All Lives Matter’ is so harmful,” said Damiani.
White Privilege can block a person from seeing the truth, that black people are discriminated against and they receive the most injustice. Unless you’re black you don’t necessarily have the right to say otherwise. Even though one black person can’t speak up for all the injustices that may or may not be happening with the entire community, a white person is furthest from being able to make that claim.
The matter is extremely subjective, for example, when people walk for breast cancer they don’t have to worry about people saying, “but what about every other cancer?”  
It’s not that All Lives Matter activists don’t see the fact that some problems just need more attention than other problems. It seems they can recognize it with cancer, but not with black lives.
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among Americans, so naturally it receives more attention than other cancers. Similarly, black people in America are the most discriminated against, the most oppressed, and are subject to the most injustices, so naturally they should get more attention. This added attention aims at bringing about positive change for black people  while still promoting a better country overall.
People who follow All Lives Matter are unaware of the fact that they are promoting institutional racism. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, Institutional Racism is defined as, “racial discrimination that has become established as normal behavior within a society or organization.”
According to Damiani, “You’re making it harder for the rest of the country to bring about positive change. You’re broadcasting to others that change isn’t necessary when it very much is.”
All Lives Matter is promoting a lie in that way.
It’s clear to see that all lives don’t matter in the United States, when some people’s lives are  being unjustly taken by police officers, as so many African Americans’ lives are.
It is clear to see that all lives don’t matter when some people have to fear leaving their homes because every time they step outside their door, they know they could be killed.
It is clear to see all lives don’t matter when those same African Americans don’t get the justice they deserve in a courtroom.
Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Harris, Phillip White, Tony Robinson, Jerame Reid, Rumain Brisbon, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley Tanisha Anderson, Dante Parker, Ezell Ford, Michael Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner and Dontre Hamilton. Black life after black life taken away from mothers, fathers, children and that is only since 2014.
There is only one way all lives can matter and the sooner the world realizes this, the sooner we can fix the problem. All lives will matter when black lives matter, too.