Double The Trouble, Double The Fun

Jasmine and Taylor
Twins Jasmine and Taylor Smith show each other some love, pictured wearing matching coats.

By April Curtis

Numerous people always want to know the truth behind twins. Asking them outrageous questions like: “If she gets hurt will you feel it too?”

People wonder what it is like to have a twin and how different it is than just a normal brother or sister.

This year Loy Norrix has few sets of twin. Almost any person that is a twin will tell you that they have been asked crazy questions. Jasmine Smith, a sophomore, said that she was once asked: “If her twin sister, Taylor Smith, cuts her hair will hers fall out?”

Jasmine has also been asked: “If Jasmine likes tomatoes will Taylor like them too.”

The answers to these questions are inevitable but what is it actually like to have a twin. Jasmine said, “It has its perks, you’re never alone. Having a twin is like having another sister.”

Then Kristen Slamer, the health teacher at Loy Norrix, explains how she feels incomplete without her sister. “I’m lonely when she’s not around,” said Slamer.

It is easy for twins to connect because they are the same age and have the same surroundings. It is said that the relationship between twins depends on how they were brought up and how their parents treat them. Slamer tells us how her twin sister is her best friend. When Sarah Slamer, her twin sister, was asked if her sister was her best friend too she answered with a quick stern yes.

Throughout school and even now, Ms. Slamer and her sister share the same friends. On the other hand Jasmine and her twin are much different. “We’re really close but we spend more time together than we want,” said Jasmine.

They share one best friend but for the most part have different friends. “We try to have different friends so we’re not always together,” continued Jasmine. “Our mom wants us to stick together,” Jasmine added.

Though Ms. Slamer is so close to her twin sister she said there has always been this secret competition between one another. “We played the same sports and played the same positions,” said Ms. Slamer.

Jasmine also explains how there is some competition between her sister with grades.

Ms. Slamer is an identical twin and Jasmine is a fraternal twin. Most people always want to know the question, “Have you ever switched places?”

“No, it would have never worked,” said Jasmine because she is a fraternal twin.

But Ms. Slamer said that her and her sister switched places one time in junior high. All of her friends knew but the teacher did not. “I was scared out of my mind,” said Ms. Slamer.

Whether a set of twins are fraternal or identical, people still mix them up all the time. “That’s so annoying. By now you should know,” said Jasmine.

Ms. Slamer said, “When someone says ‘Hey Sarah’ I just wave and don’t correct them.”

So, sets of twins do not always act the same. Some never want to be separated and others feel a little different. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a twin? Have you ever wanted a twin?