Letter to the Editor

In response to: “The accidental racist”
Just the title alone is repugnant. “The Accidental Racist: The All Lives Matter Campaign is Racist and Many who Follow it are Unaware.”
You know what the term “racist” means, right? With proper understanding, you’d see there is no way to be an accidental racist.
People who are racist express their views confidently. Racism is an ideology one comes to purposefully, through brazen enactments.
You not only delegitimize your “movement” by misunderstanding the concept of racism, you also delegitimize the concept itself Black Lives Matter is ineffective because of such assertions.
Furthermore, I believe you also suffer a misunderstanding with All Lives Matter.
“All Lives” encompasses black lives as well. Arrogance, which olagues BLM, is what contributes to your denouncement of ALM.
The issue of poverty, which inflicts itself upon each demographic of our society, does not have racial bias.
Fifty-one percent of americans live just above the poverty line. It takes just the slightest intellectual honesty to realize this is compiled of every aspect of our society. BLM is deficient in addressing these socio-economic conditions, due to self-imposed racial bias. Ironic, as that is exactly what you accuse the majority of our population of having.
-Josh Killingsworth