Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I will comment on the new look of the Knight Life paper. My thoughts on the paper include the idea of adding a puzzle or something of that nature. I really like the new look of this new paper. It seems to draw me in to make me interested. The paper should stay the way it is now. Many of the articles seem to be more organized in the paper and it is more interesting.

  • Brandon Worden, sophomore

Dear Editor,
To all the listed names you guys have done a fantastic job. Zach Liddle, Photo Editor, has chosen great pictures of Marsavious. I never met or saw what Marsavious looked like, but your pictures have given me a good picture on what he looks like. Michaela Whalen, Social Media Team, has explained DQ in great detail. Once again I never met him and the way you explained him made me feel like I knew him. Keon Foster, Graphic Designer, you designed the picture of DQ standing excellently. I especially love the halo you placed over his head.

  • Ebony Battle, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read the article about the new Chinese class at Norrix and I thought it was a very good idea to include this. I feel like talking about this class will get more people interested in it. Therefore, there will be more kids that will join the class later on.
I was glad to see that this was an article because Chinese (Mandarin) is a very important language. Not only is it important, but it is also incredibly useful as well. You can be a very strong asset in a business if you speak Mandarin.

  • Chandler Maples, senior

Dear Editor,
I read “The Great Gatsby” article which I thought was [well] written. I feel the first or big picture should be of the first two people mentioned. This is slightly confusing at first. I like how you added many quotes from both the cast and the actual play. I was glad to see pictures of them in action; this gives people who weren’t there a chance to see some part of what they missed.

  • Ebony Bishop, senior

Dear Editor,
I really like the section written about the Chinese culture [“Chinese Culture Rolls into Loy Norrix”]. The fact that LNHS can show and support a class we’ve never had before is cool. Chinese/Mandarin classes never existed before in the KPS school system. KPS has finally acknowledged the fact that there’s more than just Hispanic and French culture in our society. Being able to learn the language in school shows just how far we’ve come both as a district/school and as a society.
My favorite part about the article is the student’s comments about the class. They aren’t just taking it for the hell of it. They’re taking it because it interests them. Also, the fact the teacher isn’t American based, gives you more authenticity. It also shows she wants to expand her horizons, much like the students.

  • Myca Frazier, senior

Dear Editor,
I read both articles by Keon Foster, [“Loy Norrix Mourns the Life of Another Fallen Knight”], and Zach Liddle, [“Loy Norrix Mourns the Loss of a Fallen Knight”], that talked about the mourning of recent losses, DQ and Savie. I felt that both of these articles gave an insight on what happened and shed a light on the impact that these boys had when they attended Loy Norrix. I felt as though the article on Jaela could’ve been as long as Savie’s and DQ’s. I knew Jaela for almost a year. But I was definitely glad to see that they included her name within Knight Life.

  • Winter Hawkins, senior

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Loy Norrix Mourns the Loss of a Former Knight.” I thought it was a nice article and very well said in a way. I like how towards the end it talked about how he’ll always remain in our memory. I felt like if you were going to write an article like this, you could have at least spelled DQ and Savie’s names correctly (Daquarion and Marsavious). Also, he spent more than a year at Norrix, more like close to 3 years. Overall it was a nice article, just wish you had more information before you wrote an article like that.

  • Karah Brewer, senior

Dear Editor,
The newspaper was really nice. I really enjoyed reading the articles. What I would really like to see in the newspaper are things that students or teachers have done, such as drawing, stories, poems, etc. I feel that this should be included because it can give us a greater sense of the people who surround us. Also I know people who have secret talents, but don’t want them to be so secret.

  • Deidra Shannon, senior

Dear editor,
I read the article on the first page about Madame Larner. I thought that it was very cool because she’s such an awesome teacher. So many teachers just give you a lesson, or overwhelm you with work and move on. I felt that it’s important to recognize what an influence that she has on people because she’s realistic and she gets it. I was glad to see her smile on the front page.

  • Brandy Dunigan, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article “AP French is Finally Here,” the title is pretty long but I like that it lets me know exactly what I’m reading. In the 2nd paragraph 4th line, it says cooling. I don’t know whether that’s a typo or not. I like that it explains what an AP class is for people [who] don’t know, but I want to if they’re keeping AP French or not. I’d also like to know whether or not all AP classes are based on the number of attendants. All in all, it’s a well written article and newspaper. I really appreciate that it both informs and benefits students like myself.

  • Sadie Vorva, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article “The U.S. Needs Better Gun Control.” I really liked the article and how you put the students opinions at the bottom of the page. I think you should do that for more articles because it lets it lets us express our opinion and not many papers do that.

  • Isaiah Scisco, freshman

Dear Editor,
I believe it is important to vote. Any election matters, not just the Presidential. Many smaller elections affect the personal population. More so than who the next president will be.
Every vote matters and it is our duty as citizens of our city, state and nation that we live in. You do have the right to chose to not vote but I believe voting, and stating your opinion on anything, is important to help the U.S. grow and develop. If no one voted on anything, nothing would ever get done.

  • Reed Crocker, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read “Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music in Class.” I thought that what you said in the article was very true. Coming from a KAMSC student who has a math teacher that plays music in class, music can really get the class focused on the task at hand (and [help to] not fall asleep!).
I felt you did a good job on explaining the connection between students and music. I would like to see more articles on music, like song recommendations for destressing or songs that get you motivated. I feel students could really benefit from that.

  • Tiana Boyd, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Local Company Emerges From Loy Norrix.” I thought it was an interesting article. However, there was some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. One of my friends, Yequi Zheng otherwise known as Chris, wasn’t mentioned in the article and he played a role in developing the Float insignia. Nonetheless, I was glad to see DeHaan’s company in the school paper.

  • Chase Maples, senior

Dear Editor,
I read your article [“Teachers Should Allows Students to Listen to Music in Class”] and I felt that you explained it very well. I liked how you used the example with the kid distracting class because there is always some kid disrupting class and others can’t concentrate with that going on. You said they put in earbuds and get to work, it actually motivates you to do your work. For example, when you’re cleaning your house or room, you put music on because it motivates you to do things. I was glad to see someone took a stand about students listening to music in class.

  • Dayzia Dalton, sophomore

Dear Editor,
The newspaper looked really good! I really liked the articles about our fallen (DQ, Savie and Jaela). I liked that they actually added color pictures in some of the articles too. Something I would change about this is the way the newspaper was put together. Like the actual papers were placed weirdly in my opinion.

  • Jordan Taylor-Effinger, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article [“Student Actors Face Dramatic Challenges Preparing for the Upcoming Play: “The Great Gatsby””] and I thought it was amazing because it sums up pretty much everything that happens at LNHS.
I was glad to see the pictures from the play. Those were really good pictures, and they were very interesting to see. Seeing those pictures made me want to start acting, but I wouldn’t because I have bad stage fright.

  • Marcia Nisgritt, junior

Dear Editor,
I read “Hallway Congestion: Getting Around Loy Norrix” and I thought it was very useful. It’s an issue that is relatable to everyone at our school and needs to be fixed. I like how it was proposed that everyone needed to cooperate and stop forming groups in the hallway. I also liked the map with the shortcuts and congested areas shown. I found the tips on the side very helpful.

  • Sophia Vivanco, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Chinese Culture Rolls Into Loy Norrix.” I thought that it was a good article and that it was well written. I felt happy knowing that there is a new language students can learn. I did not see any facts that were wrong in this article. I was glad to see that there are students who enjoy taking the course.

  • Parker Waldo, senior

Dear Editor,
I read “Homecoming 2016 Spirit Week.” I thought it was cool how they put the pictures in color and they did each day. I just felt like they could’ve done more like put more pictures, less words and just say who they were and what they did. I was surprised to see Amanda, Janiyah and Tiyanir in the article because seems to me they never choose any freshmen for anything.

  • Ra’Kell McDonald, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read the article about the orchestra [“Take a Look Into the Orchestra Program”]. I thought it was well put together, but had incorrect information. One part states that Peyton is the first chair cellist, and I just wanted to point out that although she was sitting there that day, she is not the actual first chair. Emma may not have been there that day, but it’s a simple mistake.

  • Taylor Grube, senior

Dear Editor,
I read the article about Joe Meyers [“Freshman Joe Meyers is not Your Typical Two-sport Star”]. I thought it was very well written and should be appreciated. With how modest Joe is, no one would ever know that a freshman is able to balance two varsity sports and school. It really sets a standard for the rest of us students, and even student athletes.

  • Morgan Kenbeek, senior

Dear Editor,
I read “The River Church Reaches Out to Help Grieving Families” and I enjoyed it. Although the death of DQ and Savie was terrible, I’m glad that we can see the positive side of it. This article was uplifting and informative. I didn’t know Bob Link raised all that money. DQ and Savie affected our community so much and I’m glad that we could return the favor by praying for their funerals.

  • Hailey Timmerman, senior

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Loy Norrix Mourns the Loss of a Former Knight.” I thought this was a great article, I felt sad because I was kind of close to one of these teens. Savie always messed with me because I was Kielha’s little sister and that was his best friend. I was glad to see that DQ and Savie were both in this paper with the information it has. It makes me happy seeing people taking the time out of their day to do something like this.

  • Nikia Harris, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read “NFL Player Takes a Kneel for Injustice in America.” I thought that people should be allowed to protest and they have a right to. I totally agree with Coach Porter. You should let someone know if you’re gonna do it especially if you’re an athlete. I was glad to see that there are people who do support finding justice for people in America.

  • Jarome Hawkins, junior

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Loy Norrix protests State School Conditions and Standardized Tests.” I thought the article was very well thought out and written. It got the message of what the protestors were trying to do across. It was also very informative. However, I felt that the part about the bullying was out of place.
I thought it would have been better if the bullying part was left out. It was kind of random. It also did not relate to the article itself. If the article had been more about bullying it would have made more sense.

  • Cecilia Mireles Caballero, freshman

Dear Editor,
I read “Chinese Culture roll into Loy Norrix.” I thought this article was very interesting because I wanted to know what that class is like. I felt that putting things about certain classes in is cool because it informs kids about new classes and shows students classes they might want to take. In the paper, I feel like they should add movie reviews because that would be interesting to read, and anyone could be in the paper.

  • Josie Small, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read “Loy Norrix Mourns The Loss of a Former Knight.” I thought this article had a lot of meaning to it. I thought that whoever wrote this, they put a lot of great detail and emotion into this piece. I felt emotional to this article because I know how it feels to lose someone. It was very sad because having someone die is a big thing, it’s a big impact. I’m glad to see that people are creating good memories for these two Knights. I’m glad they are making sure that they’ll never be forgotten.

  • Madison Morgan, sophomore

Dear Editor
I read article seven on Arts and Entertainment [“Student Actors Face Dramatic Challenges Preparing for the Upcoming Play: “The Great Gatsby””]. I thought the article was written very well. I felt like you really embraced the feelings of Drew Strand and Olivia Mears.  I was glad to see that you were able to insert this much information and effort into the article.

  • Jesse Runyon, freshman

Dear Editor,
The article I read was “Hallway Congestion[: Getting Around Loy Norrix More Quickly]” by Shane Harrelson. I thought the article was well written and it showed how standing in the middle of the hallway can affect the rest of the school. I hope in the future, students won’t stop in the middle of the hall during passing time again and our school runs more smoothly. I felt the article did a good job on showing how other kids feel about it. I hope students can get to class faster and stop stepping [on] my shoes. I also enjoyed the picture that went along with the article that showed the congestion.

  • Noah Silvey, senior

Dear Editor,
I read the article “Advanced Placement French is Finally Here,” written by Meghan Lewis. I thought it was a very well constructed and informative writing. I am one of the twelve students in AP French so I thought the article did justice to the material talked about that we learn in there. The only critique I have is I think there could’ve been more emphasis on Mrs. Larner’s teaching. I never thought I would end up taking four years of french but Mrs. Larner is truly an amazing teacher and my favorite teacher at Loy Norrix in fact. I think what makes french class so great, is her. If students need to decide what language to take it should be french. I was glad to see our class got some recognition so thank you.

  • Isabelle Whalen, senior

Dear Editor,
I read the “Hallway Congestion: Getting Around Loy Norrix” article, and I thought it was really great. I felt that it was really relatable because every student at Loy Norrix experiences troubles with getting through the hallways. It was interesting to see a map of our school and possible shortcuts students could take going from the C to B-wing or M to J-wing, etc. Keep up the good work!

  • Danny Mailloux, senior

Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed the paper. I am in the AP French class this year and I think it’s really great that it’s in the newspaper. I think that the article puts it out there as an option and might make more want to do it. I also love the picture that was used on the cover. It’s not super formal but I think the photo perfectly represents the fun we have in class.
I also thought that the article about the former student’s deaths were nice. The photo on page 2 of his friend holding the jersey up had the perfect amount of sadness and respect. Though I also think that the smaller photo next to it of him on his cell phone diminishes the other one. I didn’t notice any major mistakes in the paper, though, so I would say it was a success.

  • Sydney Loomis, senior

Dear Editor
I really like the way you give background information about the actors in the school play. It lets me know if the actors are experienced or not. The way you say positive things about the actors and not try to criticize them. An amazing thing you added was interviewing Strand as he said “The worst time in rehearsal was probably when we first had to do stage kisses. That was pretty because the person I was doing the stage kiss with was Bonnie Bremer, and i’ve known her for a long time and that was weird.” It’s hilarious to get a response like that.

  • Dimitrius Cobbs, sophomore