Justin Bieber Faces Baby Accusations


By Synquissa Morris

Junior Jade Hubbard is a big Bieber fan. She has this photoshopped picture of her and Justin Bieber. Photo manip by Jade Hubbard

Twenty year old Mariah Yeater filed papers in court on October 31st, alleging that Justin Bieber is the father to her four month old son. Yeater wants a paternity test and child support from Bieber. She claims that they had sex for thirty seconds in a backstage bathroom after he performed at the Staples Center in October, 2010.

These accusations have Justin Bieber fans shocked and outraged.

Avid Justin Bieber fan, junior Jade Hubbard, says that she would be shocked if he was the father.

“I would be shocked, but I would still support him because I like him so much that I would have his back no matter what.” Said Hubbard.

Hubbard does not believe that Yeater is telling the truth and that she’s just lying to get attention.

Junior Joesph Rudlaff says that he is not a fan of Justin Bieber but also agrees that Yeater is lying.

“I would get a test to see if it’s mine so there are no more rumors,” said Rudlaff.

Another Justin Bieber fan, junior Megan Baker, said that Yeater’s story “wasn’t clicking and she kept changing her story,” Baker hopes the story is false. “I would be sad and kind of angry because he is a role model for a lot of kids,” said Baker.

Yeater eventually dropped the lawsuit because if the accusations turned out to be true, she could possibly be investigated for allegedly having sex with a minor because Bieber was 16 at the time. If they turned out to be false, Bieber’s record would be cleared.