The Holiday Spirit, But How Early is Too early?

By Teddy Morrisey

Photo of Teddy Morrison

Now that Halloween is over the next holiday on the list is Thanksgiving, but it does not seem that way because of the early Christmas spirit. From early shopping to holiday movie specials on TV, the holiday spirit is here. But how early is too early? It used to be the day after Thanksgiving, or more famously known as Black Friday, was the kick of to the holiday shopping and the time to get ready for the holidays, but it now seems that the day after Halloween has kicked the season off.

We should wait till after Thanksgiving to have to worry about all the concerns that come with the holiday season. Local stores already have the special season toy sales and decorations up in the stores. If you were to walk into the Crossroads Mall today you would not find fall decorations, but Christmas trees already. I do not enjoy going into a store already having the Christmas feeling, it is just simply too early. Now do not get me wrong, I am not “Ebenezer Scrooge” or anything because I do love the time of year, but there is a line you have to draw, and we have crossed it. And I am not the only one that thinks this too.

“If they decorate the malls, and start Christmas sales too early, it takes away from the spirit of the other holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving,” said senior Morgan Steffler.

I understand getting your holiday shopping done early for the sales, but we do not have to present the mood as if it is that time of year already. It seems like we are going to skip right over Thanksgiving. I don’t want to listen to “Let it Snow” and other classic Christmas carols while I am still raking leaves outside, it just does not seem right. November used to be the feeling of fall and things such as the changing leaves, Thanksgiving feast, and enjoying the rest of the cool weather. Not Christmas trees, sledding, and presents. We need to hold off all of the spirit for a while, just until Thanksgiving has past, then we should indulge in the season.