Students And Staff Of The Month; January

Zachary Liddle

dec-student-of-the-month_0029The Student of the Month Award is given to a small group of students who are nominated by staff members. The students who are nominated and selected are then invited to a luncheon and treated to Jimmy John’s, cookies and chips. After they eat, they enjoy a game in which the students try to guess which staff member nominated them. January’s students of the month include:
Makenna Lopez – 9th grade
Avery Snow – 9th grade
Kenneth Walker – 9th grade
Mychell Davis – 10th grade
Bridget Salazar – 10th grade
Gohan Gonzalez – 10th grade
Edwin Luz – 10th grade
Madison Preussel – 11th grade
Erin Kloostra – 11th grade
Lauren Johnson – 11th grade
“I was shocked but I think it’s really cool to get this,” said freshman Makenna Lopez,  nominated by Mr. Wagner.
“It feels really good to get this award because it feels like I accomplished something by bettering myself,” said Mychell Davis. “She’s one of my favorite teachers,” referring to Erin Rolfe, one of the freshman history teachers, who nominated him.
The following individuals were awarded the Staff Member of the Month. Staff are invited to the same luncheon and can be nominated by both staff and students.
Ms. Pamela Landis – librarian assistant
Mr. Jim Bellware – teacher
“I feel blessed and appreciative of a leadership team who recognizes things like good attendance,” said Loy Norrix teacher Jim Bellware.
This award was made to encourage students and staff members to do their best and it allows their teachers and peers to nominate them. This accolade awards teachers and students for their hard work.