Trains in Detroit Will Do Wonders

By Haley Zabik

There are many reasons why Detroit should invest in a train system. Putting in an elevated train system will do wonders for Detroit.  Some could argue that doing this in Detroit would be a waste of resources, money and energy but the pros of putting in a transportation system out-weigh the cons by a landslide. Not only will this boost the economy and provide more jobs, but it will also make it easier for local citizens to get to and from work every day. Another thing that a train system will improve is safety. Detroit should have a train system.

Governor Snyder not only wants to put a train system in Detroit, he wants to install high-speed trains that go through the suburbs and a bridge that connects Detroit to Canada.

Putting in a train system will make Detroit a lot safer. If there was a train right by where a person lives in Detroit, they would not have to drive on the roads. With fewer drivers on the roads, there will be a decrease in the amount of accidents every year. People will also save a lot of gas money because they won’t have to drive to get to work and other places.

Junior Christina Lindahl was born in Chicago where there is currently train system. She lived there for four months and her family rode the trains everywhere. Christina enjoyed riding the trains in Chicago. There is a below ground train system known as a subway and an elevated train known as the “L.” A lot of people who live in Chicago ride the trains to and from work. People who have lived there in the past would agree that the trains are a good thing for Chicago and make it safer.

It would be also easier to travel in and out of Detroit if there was train system. That is good for the economy because  people will come to Detroit to do things like shop or see a football game because they know that it is easy to get in and out of the city.

Christina gave her opinion on if the trains in Chicago were a good thing when she said, “Yes, because they are safer and you aren’t always in-car traffic.”

Another thing that the train system would do for Detroit would be an economic spike.  It would boost the economy by getting more goods to markets and a way for people to get to jobs.  People with no cars will now have a way to get to work by taking the trains which is also a contributing factor to the rise in the economy. Once more people are employed, they will be able to buy more things which helps the economy pick up.

A lot of people, while debating whether or not they should invest in a train system for Detroit, might think that it would be a waste of money and time since the city is the most dangerous city in the country according to the FBI crime statistics. Also, there is already a bus system so why would Detroit want to have a train system? Usually every big city like Chicago and New York City have more than one form of transportation. Detroit is one of the few that doesn’t.

So the fact of the matter is that trains will be good for Detroit. They will give the residents of Detroit hope and a feeling of safety. Lastly, they will provide the state with a boost in the economy.  It’s time to make an investment in Detroit.