Student of the Month: February

Veronica Verity

group picturessss
The students and teachers nominated for the month of February stand together for a photo with Loy Norrix Principal Rodney Prewitt and Assistant Principal Kelly Hinga. Photo Credit / Zach Liddle

Being nominated as student or staff member of the month is a great privilege and reward. It is important that we, as a community, recognize others’ achievements. The following students have been recognized for their good behavior and hard work in school throughout the month of February:

Sara Elfring, 9th 
Nominated by: Mr. Schmidt
Henry Parworth, 9th
Nominated by: Mr. Krieder
Audreanna Dunton, 9th
Nominated by: Ms. Komar
Brendan McDonald, 10th
Nominated by: Mr. O’Brien
Ardriques McFerrin, 10th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Ariel Davenport, 10th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Alex Smith, 11th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Ontario Calvin, 11th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Aquariez Atlas, 11th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Tasheanna McKinney, 11th
Nominated by: Ms. Jensen/Ms. Gutman
Not only do teachers notice  students’ achievements, but students and other staff members notice  teachers’ achievements as well. The following teachers have been nominated for their excellent work in February:
Ms. Lauren Kinnamon , English Teacher
Nominated by: Mrs. Hinga
Mr. Brad Schmidt, Mathematics Teacher
Nominated by: Ms. Komar/ Mr. Prewitt
“It [being teacher of the month] means that I was noticed for doing the things that I think everyone else does, but just wasn’t noticed for,” said Brad Schmidt, a Freshman Academy mathematics teacher.  “I think it’s nice to be recognized, but I just wish more would be recognized for the the stuff they do.”
“It [being student of the month] feels nice. It feels that I achieved goals in life, brought people happiness and brought my strengths to the highest ability of their being,” said Ariel Davenport.
“Just be nice! Be nice to your teachers, pay attention, help others when they need help, and stay focused on your studies,” said Henry Parworth.
“It [being student of the month] makes me feel really good. I wasn’t expecting it so I really feel like I’m the student of the month,” said Tasheanna McKinney.