Student of the Month: March

Veronica Verity

student of the month March group W
Recipients of the student and staff of the month award line up to have their photo taken with principal Rodney Prewitt and assistant principal Kelly Hinga. Photo Credit / Zach Liddle

Every month students and staff members nominate coworkers, students, or teachers who deserve to be recognized.
On Friday, April 21, 2017 a luncheon was held in honor of the students and staff members who exceeded the expectations their peers set for them. Many students this month received nominations from teachers who usually don’t nominate anyone. This means that students are going above and beyond, influencing teachers who don’t usually take the time to recognize work, submit recommendations for the award. The following students were awarded with student of the month:
Agustin Lara-Acuna, 9th                                                    Nominated by Ms. Kinnamon
Skyler Jordan, 9th                                                               Nominated by Team Bushido
Elizabeth Elliot-Redlin, 10th                                             Nominated by Ms. Weaver
Grace Marshall, 10th                                                          Nominated by Mrs. Pankop
Porshya Smith, 10th                                                           Nominated by Ms. Gutman
Ahmad Branson, 11th                                                        Nominated by Mrs. May
Mitchell Mansfield, 11th                                                   Nominated by Ms. O’Shea
Tyler Rivera, 11th                                                               Nominated by Ms. Mallory
Madeline Skiles, 12th                                                         Nominated by Ms. Mallory
Nora Hilgart-Griff, 12th                                                     Nominated by Mrs. Pankop
The awards for staff of the month go to:
Tyler Kuehl, Attendance Interventionist                       Nominated by Team Bushido
Julie Young, Science Teacher                                            Nominated by Mrs. Hinga
“It feels great! It’s a good feeling to know that other peers and coworkers appreciate me and the work I do,” said Tyler Kuehl.
“Go above and beyond. Not necessarily just in academics but be friendly and helpful, have a good attitude, positivity,” said Nora Hilgart-Griff.
“It’s actually really cool because I feel like this is the less appreciated part of Norrix and it just feels really good to be student of the month,” said Mitchell Mansfield
“Work hard and make sure you try. When things are down, make sure you just try and do your best,” Ahmad Branson.
Applications to nominate staff and students, for student/staff of the month, are located on Mr. Peterson’s door by the library and in Ms. Clark’s office in the B-wing.