McIntosh and Storm Receive All-State Honorable Mention

By April Curtis

“The first thing I thought of was that all the hard work paid off,” said Jay McIntosh, a sophomore on the Loy Norrix Varsity soccer team.

McIntosh has been playing soccer since he was five years old. This is his second year on the Varsity soccer team and he was awarded with All-State Honorable Mention and All-Area Team. Not only does McIntosh play for the Knights, he also plays club soccer. He had a great season and has learned to work better with his team.

“I had teammates around me that helped me get my awards, it’s not just me,” said McIntosh.

Stevenson Storm, senior outruns Portage Central defender. Storm is a forward for the Norrix Knights. Photo by Racheal Koole

Stevenson Storm, a senior at Loy Norrix, was awarded with All-State Honorable Mention and All-Area Honorable Mention.

“I appreciated it. I was happy when I received it,” said Storm.

Storm has been playing on the Varsity soccer team for two years and has been playing since he was seven years old.

“I don’t get mad during the game, I play simple,” continued Storm.

There are many stages in being nominated All-State. It is a big honor to get recognized by All-State.

“They definitely really deserve these awards,” said the Varsity soccer coach and Social Studies teacher at Loy Norrix, Matt McCullough.

In the process of being considered for these awards, coaches give statistics, anecdotes, grades, outside activity and the names of the college coaches who have spoken to players.

McCullough believes that McIntosh and Storm put their goal-making addictions aside and started becoming team players.

“They made their teammates better,” said McCullough.

When it comes to game days, the opposing teams know to watch out for McIntosh and Storm, who are two of the strongest players on the team.