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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

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Entertainment: It’s a Must

By Mataya Simmons

It is Friday morning, no school, and I’m lying in bed flipping through the channels. There it is, channel 17, and The Maury Show is on. It is filled with stories of infidelity, DNA testing, out of control teens, and abuse. If the show is filled with so many negative things, why do people continue to watch it?

“I like watching the drama and it keeps me entertained when I’m bored,” said  junior Sierra James.

It can be traced back to ancient times; humans have always enjoyed watching violence and negative situations.

In ancient Greece, comedians created plays about fears, personal relationships, family life and social mishaps. Greeks were entertained by unfortunate things happening to others.

In ancient Rome, Romans enjoyed fighting. The Coliseum was built for the amusement of violence. Gladiators fought each other, Roman slaves fought for their freedom, and animals were killed solely for entertainment. The Coliseum could hold up to 50 thousand people, meaning many Romans attended the violent contest.

“I like to watch the fighting. I’ve been watching since I was just a youngster,” said junior Jordan Taber.

Even though Taber says he enjoys the Maury Show, he would never want to go on the show.

“No one needs to know my business,” said Taber.

“I watch the Maury show because I plan on going on someday,” said Kalamazoo Central junior, Titus McKenzie.

McKenzie finds the Maury Show funny and entertaining, as do most people.

“I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember,” said McKenzie.

Most people enjoy watching bad things happen to others. It makes them feel better about themselves. If this were not true, the show would not have been around for 21 years and continuously creating new episodes.

Others may find the violence and negativity pointless.

“The drama is boring as hell. If it’s your baby or not, it’s no one else’s business,” said junior Socrates Montero.

This is true. The show reveals very personal information about the individuals that the nation does not need to know. Yet, people continuously go on the show.

“People just go on there to get on TV,” said Taber.

It does seem as though people go on the show just to be on television. It is terrible to think that women don’t know who their baby’s father is and there are plenty of possibilities.

The show is very entertaining, but also very inappropriate. Even though Americans know the show is degrading and ridiculous, most just can’t help but to watch the drama.

It seems as though it is a part of human nature to be entertained and enjoy others’ hardships. One thing is for sure, as long as people go on the show, others will continue to watch.

“The Maury show may be violent and negative, but it’s just too intriguing,” said McKenzie.

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Entertainment: It’s a Must