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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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Loy Norrix Students give Christmas to Everyone

Three generations of the Ramirez family with donations for the Loy Norrix 2011 Food Drive. The family was able able to donate 7,500 items out of the total contribution of 11,049.

By Roberto Cevallos

Life is about decisions and every second of it someone is making the wrong one. But almost all the time our decisions are made thinking about ourselves. There are not too many people that when they make decisions think of the rest of the people before themselves.

Loy Norrix freshman Esperanza Ramirez, and the youngest sister of the Ramirez family, cancelled her own Quinceanera party. This is a party that people from Mexico and some places from South America hold for their daughters when they turn 15. They dance and have a big dinner with all the family and all the friends, but in this case Esperanza cancelled hers to use that money for the Loy Norrix canned Food Drive.

The Ramirez family has dedicated their own money and storage space in their home throughout the year to the Loy Norrix Food Drive since 1997.

The holidays are the perfect time to show generosity and feel happy for the joy of loved ones. Seeing the smile in one of these people who do not have much is what moves the Ramirez family to give food. Seeing this makes you know that there is so much that is going on around you, the thing is that we often don’t want to see it. So Christmas is the best time to take a look around and see who needs help.

The Ramirez family is one that never loses the essence of charity. From the youngest Ramirez to the oldest member, they want to help and give part of themselves to make someone smile. They are able to stop thinking about their own problems and think about others’ problems just to find a way to help.

“Every year the Ramirez family wants to break a record of food cans,” said Loy Norrix freshman Esperanza Ramirez.

Josefina, the oldest sister of the family, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving chemotherapy treatments said, “This year we brought 7,000 cans [the final total was 7,500] and everyone wants to help. Even my little son of four years old that has cancer was helping and we do this because we know how it feels and is our way to say thank you to all the people that helped us when we were there,” Ramirez said, referencing a time when her own family experienced financial difficulties.

People have different ways to help and this is the way the Ramirez family tries to send a message to society, a society where everything is about money. Josefina used to have a car that she really liked. This car meant a lot to her, but when one of her neighbors was sent back to Mexico and they didn’t have any way to get there, Josefina gave them her car and some food for their trip.

“We are giving to people that really appreciate it, and also thank you very much to Ms. May for everything she does for us and every smile she took from us,” said Josefina.

The number of items collected for the Loy Norrix Food Drive in 2011 was 11,049 with 7,500 from the Ramirez Family.

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  • J

    JackJan 21, 2012 at 6:11 am

    This is an amazing article, it sounds like you really got to know the people and their story.

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community
Loy Norrix Students give Christmas to Everyone