Lack of Focus in School: Holiday Edition

Audreanna Dunton, Assistant Business Manager

Omarion Morgan, sophomore, takes a nap during Earth Science. Photo Credit / Audreanna Dunton

As the seasons change, mindsets change too. Summer has officially passed, and the chilly winter days are approaching. However, even though some people may not be looking forward to this drastic weather change, they still manage to gain holiday spirit and are ready to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. Time usually seems to go by a bit slower than usual. Many students simply can’t wait for school dismissal, especially for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.
Just as seniors in high school anxiously await graduation in the spring, the majority of students simply can’t wait for holiday break. As the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, students start to become restless in the classroom. Students catch themselves staring aimlessly at the clock, cherishing every hour that passes by. A couple weeks of fun festivities are quickly approaching, and for students, this time couldn’t pass by any sooner. The majority of students tend to “checkout” right around the time after Halloween ends.
“Yes, I find myself getting very anxious before break, especially now that exams are after break. Most of the time it is my peers who distract me,” said sophomore Ella Schnell.
As for the remaining time before the first break begins, students find it increasingly hard to continue to work diligently during school hours and to keep up with their extracurricular activities and homework commitments.
Students become less focused on taking notes and preparing for their upcoming tests and finals and more focused on gazing out the window and watching the snow fall.
However, even though the majority of students find it harder to take school seriously right before the holidays, some students find it even easier because they start getting more motivated and are ready to give it their all right before a well deserved break.
“I would say it is a lot easier to concentrate and work in school right before a break because I am looking forward to not being in school and have a goal in mind to get all my work done,” said senior Evie Bartley.
Even though students are getting absorbed by distractions easier than ever around the holidays, they still have to manage their self control in order to maintain their grades and to pass their final exams. Students can do this by staying organized, studying in study groups and listening to music to help with concentration.
Some students find the upcoming breaks as motivational, while on the other hand, some students find the wait until the first break as a marathon. However, the schedule this year has students leaving school for Thanksgiving Break for a week, then coming straight back to taking final exams, which may be a challenge for some students.
“I feel like kids aren’t going to be motivated after break to get something done as serious as finals,” said junior Isaiah Hobson.
As we creep closer and closer to some time off of school, students should keep in mind that the decisions made before departing for break will still impact them once the normal school schedule resumes.
Students seem to get so distracted for a variety of reasons. Students mainly get distracted by the thought of upcoming relaxation, vacation and being reunited with friends and family.
“I get distracted anytime even if it isn’t before a break. But probably just knowing I won’t be in school so I have less of a motive,” stated junior Joseph Domanick.
Students need to try their best to not fall into the pit of distraction because it leads to a lot of extra stress that could have been prevented or at least reduced.
“I act as if they are normal days and thinking about the breaks as rewards for all of my hard work during school,” stated sophomore Jorelle Weaver.
Students may find themselves getting distracted, however, it is very important for students to try and remain as focused as possible as the holidays approach. While students complete assignments and stay determined during school hours, they will be less stressed out over break for they won’t have assignments looming over them.