What Teens’ Instagram Says about Them as People

By Michaela Martin, Guest Writer
Instagram is a place where you prove that dreams do come true and your style is on trend. Many people on Instagram have amazing color schemes, and others couldn’t care less about them. Instagram can show a lot about people, it can show us the way they dress, their favorite food, their favorite colors and what they do on their holiday breaks.
Walking through the halls of Loy Norrix High School, you will never see what people did for Christmas or even how they spent their summer break. However, when you are at home snuggling up and taking a break from watching “Stranger Things” season 2, you will see people’s favorite activities to do and what their favorite book is. Social media gives us the ability to see people’s lives through their perspectives.
What do the students at Loy Norrix think about their Instagram, and how does it reflects their personalities?
Sophomore Ella Ledbetter-Newton: Ella.Tennant on Instagram
ella LN
Ella describes her Instagram in three words: “nerdtastic, musical and friends.” She’s a huge Harry Potter fan even in the picture above you see her at the door of Sirius Black at Harry Potter world in Florida.
She perfectly captions the picture with the quote, “‘You’d be hard put to find a safer house anywhere,’” a quote from Sirius Black himself.
You will often see Ella competing in Forensics competition or in plays or musical at Loy Norrix, as well as local theatre houses. If Ella’s not in a play or musical, you will most likely see her at one, because that’s how into theatre she is.
Finally her last word is “friends” because Ella often posts pictures of her friends, showing the memories they have shared.
Junior Abby Hauke: Abby_Hauke on Instagram
abbie hauke
“Oh my god, I love this photo this tells a lot about me,” said Hauke, “I look really good in it. I took it at The Civic [a local theatre house] when I went and saw ‘Young Frankenstein’ when it was there. There was this divot on the wall, and I told my brother to take a photo of me cuz I thought I could be cool and artsy.”
Abby Hauke is a talented actress who is heavily involved in theatre and her Instagram shows it.
“Theatre means alot to me because I’ve been in it since 6th-grade,” Hauke said, “I’ve met so many of my friends there, it’s really changed to who I am as a person today.”
When scrolling down Hauke’s page you will see pictures of her with cast member and family members who are also involved in theatre.
Abby’s Instagram tells a story of friendship and theater with a few selfies here and there. Abby’s personality shines brightly through her selfies and group photos.
Freshman Chris May: Chrismayyy on Instagram
chris may
Spartan everywhere, this is what you will see when you scroll on freshman Chris May’s Instagram. Not only will you see the green Michigan State University mascot on his Instagram, you will see it on his clothes and his brother Nick’s clothes. Often you will see Chris in the stands watching Nick wrestle at Michigan State. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he also wrestles. His love for wrestling is shown in his Instagram bio, “All I do is wrestle.”
“Amazing, cool and unique”, is how Chris describes his Instagram and also how he views Sparty.