Students Respond to Norrix Positivity

Dear Editor,
I like the article on how Norrix positively affects the lives of students. It shows a lot of positive things about Norrix and not just the bad stuff that you hear from people or on the news. It shows that it’s students here that actually want to learn and go to be something in life. You don’t hear too many positive things about Norrix, so to have someone write that and interview students was great. I think promoting or doing something for the school, any school is great. People judge this school because of things they’ve heard. But actually, going here, it’s not that bad. I had a good freshman year and my sophomore year is going good. Classes are easy just hard to catch up. The teachers are funny and nice. All the security guards are fun to be around. I get good vibes from this school.

  • Mariona Bowden, sophomore

Dear Editor,
I read the article “We are Loy Norrix: Student Brings Positivity to Loy Norrix,” and really thought it was a good article. This made me stop and look at the showcase in the main hall and I actually understood the meaning for the showcase. Overall, I think it is a great idea to spread positivity in a school with such a negative name to it.
Baker Conley, junior
Dear Editor,
With all the events that have been going on in and around Norrix this year, I feel this article is a good attempt to shine some light on all the positive things about Loy Norrix (In reference to the article “Norrix Positively Affects the Lives of Students”). While there are problems at this school, just like all other schools, Loy Norrix has many good things to offer, as this article shows.
What I really liked about this article was that it was published alongside the article about the “We Are Loy Norrix” project. This really put emphasis on the great experiences Loy Norrix enables its students to experience.

  • Eva DeYoung, senior

Dear Editor,
Upon reading “Norrix Positively Affects the Lives of Students,” I realized a couple of things. Loy Norrix is a place that is made out to be violent by other schools around us because of the few circumstances in which students have acted out or just one person made a bad decision. There are going to be people like that everywhere. I think it’s really nice that we are approaching our own culture and way of life here at Norrix with a positive outlook, but I also believe it is important to address our own issues and be more aware of the people in our school, and what they are capable of. I know from personal experience the type of abusive people that this school has in store: again, you can find them anywhere you look, but I think we should seek these people out and take it more seriously if someone is being harmed. We can’t just cover up the issues by only talking positively about our school, that’s what schools around us are doing and we hate it when they do that. The best way to go is to admit there are issues and actually try to resolve them, let’s not ignore the people being hurt.

  • Cas Terrian, junior

Dear Editor,
I read the article on “We Are Loy Norrix” by Jordan Cox and I really liked it. I think it’s great a student here can hold so much power in their voice and be heard if they choose to. I think this article does a fantastic job showing an example of what we can accomplish together as a community. I think the only thing I want to change is the process. I wish it had more detail of it, if there was more behind it. But anyways this one has to be one of my favorite from Knight Life. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Tramae Powell, senior