Students Respond to Comics

Dear Editor,
I found the Trump comics very amazing. Especially where the one Trump is giving them a roll of paper towel to help clean up. This shows that Trump didn’t care much but at least he wanted to show his support. I also found the other comics relatively funny but the “Forgotten ID” isn’t really that funny, but it does relate to some students who have forgotten their ID’s. When I look at the article showcasing ceramics and other art classes, it makes me want to take ceramics again. It also makes me want to try other art classes for fun. I would also like to highlight the Porco Approved article to say that the quotes are very funny and I think the best article in this. Mr. Porco I believe is the funniest and best history teacher. The one trimester I’ve had Porco was the best trimester I think I’ve had.

  • Parker Stoken, junior

Dear Editor,
I read the comic section of the newspaper. I read this section because I personally love the comics in newspapers, they make me giggle. I really like these comics. The artwork is amazing, but I think the comics should be made just a little bit longer to give the reader a stronger idea of what the comic is trying to say. If the comics also had more words to them that would be nice. I also think it would be good to put more than 3 comic strips. This is all the feedback I have for you. Great job on this masterpiece!

  • Miyah Powell, freshman