Students Respond to a Fellow Student Attending the Grammys

Dear Gelnna Aldag,
“When Dreams Come True: Norrix Student Goes to the Grammys” was really heart melting. As I read this article I was so happy inside and out. As I saw Heidi Seaman in the beautiful pictures, the smile and tears on her face makes me really happy. Days before the Grammys, Heidi came up to me and showed me her dress. She was so excited to meet Nick Jonas. I was surprised when I heard she was in the news. She said, “Oh my gosh Jackie, guess what! I was on the news, they had a picture of me and Nick Jonas! I was crying.” Heidi is one of the greatest friends I got to make this year and a special person.

  • Jacquelyn Castillo-Bonilla, junior

Dear editor,
I really enjoyed the article, “When Dreams Come True Norrix Students Goes to the Grammys.” I never knew who Heidi Seaman was, so I didn’t know about her heart condition either. It’s nice that she got to experience something so great. I would like to read more articles about what Loy Norrix students get to do outside of school. I find stories like this very interesting and enjoyable.  
Justin Timmerman, junior
Dear Editor,
I really like Glenna Aldag’s article on Heidi Seaman and her awesome Grammy experience. I mostly love how you captured the essence of the story, and I also love how you used lots of quotes from Heidi. It’s better when the reader can read the words and hear it being said from the person themselves.

  • Kayla Jackson, senior