Senioritis is Not Just a State of Mind

Maxwell Link

IMG_0513“Senioritis,” also known as no motivation to do anything during your senior year, is very hard to get through and plagues almost all of the senior class every year right around the middle of May.  For years, I had always thought that senioritis was just an excuse to under perform in your classes or something to say when you don’t want to go to class. Just a couple months ago I came to the realization that I’ve been diagnosed with this horrible disease.
The symptoms of senioritis can vary anywhere from “resting” your eyes after your alarm goes off in the morning, to leaving the school premises after you have one minor inconvenience, or just don’t feel like being at school.
Many seniors across the nation have also been diagnosed with senioritis, but recently doctors have found that it is contagious and has been spreading to students other than seniors.
Nick Thomson, a junior here at Loy Norrix is one of many students that has been diagnosed with senioritis at a young age.
“I have been diagnosed with this disease since last year, and it keeps getting worse. School is horrible, and I always wanna go home, that’s if I bother to show up anyway,” said Thompson.
As you can see, this is starting to become a problem with younger kids and we still have yet to find a cure. This disease affects our teachers most because they have to deal with our sassy senior attitudes, or we just never show up which puts them in an awkward position.
Ten year teacher at Loy Norrix, Atiba Ward, has some advice to help deal with senioritis.
“Senioritis is not real, it’s like the star belly sneetches. They are the same person if they have a star or not. Senioritis is a state of mind it’s an excuse to be lazy. You can either choose to do your work or be lazy,” said Ward.
For seniors it is a real problem with attendance and grades. We can see the drop in grades as the year goes on as well as attendance. Andrew Brown, a senior at Loy Norrix, struggles with both of these important factors.
“It’s so hard to stay in school for a full day when 4th hour comes around, and everyday I find myself making every excuse to leave. I have also seen my grades drop quite a bit, and it’s only because I have all my credits to graduate,” said Brown.
“Senioritis,” or no, motivation to do anything during your senior year is grabbing a hold of our youth one by one. We shall stand by and wait for someone to invent a cure. But while we wait for one, we shall put our trust in teachers to help keep things interesting in class.