Letters to the Editor: Students Respond to Mental Illness

Olivia Ely

Dear Editor,
When reading mental illness in school and the unheard pleas for help I thought the article addressed the more taboo topics most people avoid talking about. I thought the author went about addressing the topics and how a lot of teens really do feel very well. The only thing I would have liked to see more of is more quotes from the other people. It would have been nice to hear from more than just two people. Other than that the article did a really good job talking about how most students feel about talking to peers and adults.
Elaina Gross, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read the article about mental illness and being sick, depression and disorder. I liked the article because I understand the point where Nelson is coming from about all these different illnesses or disorders. I liked how they use lots of examples too. For example, teachers or peers not being or giving enough help or not enough attention, they aren’t communicating enough with the students. I understand the points that Nelson makes with kids with mental illness or disorder being treated differently and that that alienates them. Nelson also mentions a 504 plan for students with medical conditions. Nelson said that if the teachers or parents communicate better with these students about these problems or illnesses, then kids would know the options of receiving the help they need. I like how Nelson used other students that respond on how they treat kids with mental illness or how they feel toward them. The article is very bright and I enjoyed reading it.
Shatonia Anderson, freshmen
Dear Editor,
In this edition of Knightlife (Issue 4), I read the mental illness article by Raili Nelson. I always think it is important to inform people about what people are dealing with in our school. I appreciate the regular reports on important topics like gun control, mental illnesses, and bullying. To further better the newspaper, I would include more deep topics that people can question and relate to. I also appreciate the amount of effort it takes to come out with these articles. I’m looking forward to the next edition and the conversations that will occur in this newspaper.
Evalynn Hurley, freshman