Students Respond to Tim Kyle

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Dear Editor,
I read “The Memory of Tim Kyle: Giving Back to the Community,” I like how the article included comments from teachers about Kyle. It was nice to hear what they had to say about him since I did not know him myself. I would have liked if there were some comments from students since I am a student and can relate more to students than teachers. Overall, I really liked the article.
Lydia Andrews, sophomore
Dear Editor,
I read the article “The Memory of Tim Kyle: Giving Back to the Community.” I really liked “The Memory of Tim Kyle” because these people are giving back to the community. The article talks about the memory of Tim Kyle and how they’re giving back to the community. Money was used to buy backpacks and school supplies. The rest of the money was used to pay schools with children that have special needs.
Chevy Rife, sophomore