Presenting the Latest News with the Oldest Technology

Photo Credit / Audra Penny Junior Joriah Fleming works on setting up the title screen for LNTV. Fleming is using an older version of the PowerPoint program just to get it to appear schoolwide.
Photo Credit / Audra Penny
Junior Joriah Fleming works on setting up the title screen for LNTV. Fleming is using an older version of the PowerPoint program just to get it to appear schoolwide.

Pamela Landis has advised LNTV for 6 years. Landis has been teaching the LNTV broadcast to several students who volunteer to participate the program. Throughout the years, LNTV hasn’t changed too much, with the exception of crewmembers. The students that engage in LNTV give up their mornings and miss the beginning of their first hour just to participate in the broadcasting of the latest news at Loy Norrix, with some of the oldest technology.

Since the beginning of this school year and leading into the second trimester, many students complain how they don’t get LNTV due to their classroom’s inability to recieve LNTV or teachers being unwilling to turn on the program.

Sophomore Isabella Cowles said, “I don’t get LNTV first hour so I never get information.”

Cowles, along with several other students, continue to be unaware of the upcoming events unless they talk to a fellow student, or another faculty member.

Students who want to get LNTV are coming up with suggestions about different ways we can get information across the school. In a survey recently taken, 42 percent of the students came up with different ways to get announcements. The strongest suggestion of the 42 percent was that all classrooms have LNTV in the mornings.

Other suggestions include: emailing or  texting reminders of announcements to sent out weekly to students, all teachers getting a flyer with weekly announcements and placing it in their room, LNTV also broadcasting announcements over the P.A. and LNTV getting new equipment so that students can understand the crewmembers better. Students continue to complain about how they will get LNTV but they won’t be able to hear them for a certain amount of time, or there are glitches in the broadcast.

Over 75 percent of the participants in the survey said that they don’t want LNTV to be shut down or taken away from LN.

Sophomore Sidney Ellis, also a member of the LNTV, said, “Even if we did had the newest technology, it’d still be the same newscast and same quality, just a different look.”

Many students that do get LNTV in their first hour claim the only reason they know about these events is because LNTV.

The technology problem has become a major factor in the broadcasting of LNTV. Even for the classrooms that do have LNTV, the students complained that they don’t get the best quality. Some mornings classrooms get added noises from the microphone, other times there are glitches in the system, which causes LNTV to freeze for moments at a time. LNTV uses Windows 95, a program that is older than some of the students that attend LN.

“I have to run the whole program from from my computer,” Landis said.

Along with this, they have cameras that were manufactured in 1984, which explains why LNTV doesn’t always have the best quality with their morning showings

Social Studies teacher, Matthew Porco said, “People involved in LNTV are doing a good job. They’re organized and professional, but they don’t have the technology to improve.” For a complete script of LNTV, visit

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