Don’t Forget About the Dress Code

Refer to the Loy Norrix student planner for dress code guidelines.
Refer to the Loy Norrix student planner for dress code guidelines.

As the weather gets warmer, the dress code becomes more enforced. Save yourself time at the tower by following the Loy Norrix dress code. Here’s a quick refresher to ensure you won’t have to call home asking for a change of clothes:

  • Blouses, shirts, and dress tops must extend below the beltline, not expose the midriff, and not be low-cut in either the front or back.

  • No tube tops, halter-type tops and “spaghetti” strap tops for girls will be allowed.

  • Tank tops, muscle shirts, and mesh shirts are not permissible for boys.

  • To be considered appropriate, dresses, skirts, and shorts cannot be more than two inches (2”) above the knee. If the dress, skirt or shorts have slits or openings, the top of the slit must meet the length requirement.

  • Leggings and spandex pants are not permissible.

  • Head coverings (e.g. hats, caps, and bandanas) will be removed and not worn within the school building. They must be removed when entering the building and kept off until exiting the building.

  • Any other apparel which the administrators determine to be unacceptable in light of community standards


One comment

  1. Why is it wrong to we’re hats is their something wrong with them I mean no one’s gonna hide something dangerous couse it would fall out kids won’t get distracted because they all seen a hat before and what’s wrong with boys and girls showing some shoulders it’s not like their gonna be attracted to shoulders


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