Student of the month for December 2014

The Loy Norrix students of the month list is a great way to help remind students who are doing a good job to keep it up. Students are nominated by specific teachers. Photo Credit / Carsten Strand


Student of the Month for December

Ti-Zhane Mitchell                                      11th        Nominated by  Mr. Schmidt

Rachel Cannon                                        11th        Nominated by Mr. Stefanick                                       

Rebekah Poff                                           11th        Nominated by Ms. Layton

James Davis                                            12th       Nominated by  Mr. Mahar

Vallolac (Violet) Rodriguez Ojeda 10             9th        Nominated by Mr. Bellware

Hannah Muscara                                      12th        Nominated by Mr. Rowe

Jenny Castaneda                                      9th          Nominated by Ms. DeMott

Adrienne Evans                                         9th          Nominated by Ms. Komar

Nicholas Reed                                          10th       Nominated by Mr. Bellware                              

Tay’sha Raven                                          9th         Nominated by Mr. Kitzman

Staff Member of the Month:                        VanLieu

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