Reasons to Join Yearbook

Reasons to Join Yearbook

  1. 3Because we have fun… Even though we work hard to produce a 200 page book, there is still time to have fun. From eating the leftover whip cream used as a photo prop, and impromptu photo shoots, dull moments in this class are few and far between.
  2. People in Yearbook are the real cool kids… Yearbook can boast about having diversity because we have variety of talents, from sports royalty to academic royalty. Some examples includes Eddie Gillion, Nick May, Hannah Miller, and Zhi Xin Wee. There is no specific kind of person you need to be to to be one of the cool kids; the only requirement is to be in yearbook.
  3. Make new friends… Some kids come into Yearbook knowing one or none of the other students in the class. Later they leave friends who they would have never thought they would have. Non-athletic and very physically talented kids bond over what pictures to use. Others come together over fashion choices in class and how to put those in the book. No one is off limits when it comes to making friends in K3.
  4. Awesome advisor… Most people think of Ms. English as disagreeable and stubborn with an attitude. But after the first few weeks, you’ll learn she is just a semi-stressed cat lady who does so much for our school. Ms. English is nicer and more appreciative of students than she seems. She is the Head of the English Department, Yearbook Advisor, and the co-founder and advisor of the National English Honors Society. Without Ms. English, Loy Norrix wouldn’t have such a strong English foundation.
  5. Most drama free class… The majority of other classes come with drama and people looking to put others down; however, Yearbook is different. If people have interest in you, it’s to check your layout, help find information for a story or to just make friendly conversation. There is too much going on to care out about petty drama and day to day fights. From walking in to walking out the door, there is no reason to fear the kids in this class.
  6. Capturing Memories… The winning catch at the Loy Norrix vs. Kalamazoo Central football game; cute couples dancing at winter formal; someone’s dance move failing them, only to wipe out in front of their crush. This is what we do. Capture everything from the good to the bad, and the serious to the funny. No one is safe from being captured on our camera. So join Yearbook, and be a little bit safer being behind the lense.
  7. New skills are learned… Do you want to go into a job that involves graphic design? Maybe photography or writing? Then we are for you. We teach you expensive programs used by professionals like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign CS6. We can teach you better ways to take pictures due to the fact that we only use DSLR cameras. There’s nothing better than seeing your projects come to life in a published Loy Norrix Accolade Yearbook, especially after working hard to learn how to do it.
  8. Leave campus… We sell advertisements and go to Norman’s Camera for technical help. Maybe grab a coffee while we’re out. As long as we are back on time and return with something to that contributes to Yearbook, we get a taste of freedom instead of being stuck inside.
  9. To meet girls… Yearbook is mostly made up of girls. Girls love Yearbook. If you like girls and want to have a fun class, Yearbook is for you.
  10. Free Events… A big part of yearbook is going to plays, sporting events, and general school activities. Instead of paying $5 every friday night, we flash an ID, take some pictures, and have a good time. Even dances can be like that, with the exception of Prom. Keep in mind that admittance is free only when you are going to write, take pictures or somehow benefit the Yearbook by going. Yearbook privilege is better than most people think.

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