Student of the Month for April 2015


Jerome Hawkins        9th grade      Nominated by Mr. Obryan and Claymore Team

Caleb Chavez            9th grade      Nominated by Mrs. Rofe and Excalibur Team

Eva DeYoung             9th grade      Nominated by Mr. Kitzman and Bushido Team

Mariana Duran          10th grade    Nominated by Camelot team

Laura Martin             10th grade    Nominated by Windsor Team/Ms. Young

Morgan McCue          10th grade    Nominated by Mr. Aguinaga/Mr. Prewitt

Matthew Heyart         11th grade     Nominated by Mr. King

Monterio Mattern       11th grade    Nominated by Mrs. Jenson

Elizabeth Avila          12th grade       Nominated by Ms. Jones

Carsten Strand          11th grade       Nominated by Mrs. Hinga and Mr. Prewitt

Mr.  Wagner  Staff of the month.



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