Staff Racing Towards New Parking System


The parking pass for the 2015-2016 school year at Loy Norrix. Students don't like the idea of a $30 fee for a simple parking pass. Photo Credit: Alexis Martin
The parking pass for the 2015-2016 school year at Loy Norrix. Students don’t like the idea of a $30 fee for a simple parking pass. Photo Credit: Alexis Martin

It’s a new school year. Students are waking up, getting ready to board the bus or start their cars. Upon entering class, they take their seats, but when the announcements come on, there’s something new. Student drivers are now required to register their cars for parking passes.

Starting October 1st, students will be required to register their cars. After asking Loy Norrix Principal Rodney Prewitt about the benefits of the new parking passes, he gave one immediate answer: “Safety,” said Loy Norrix Principal Rodney Prewitt.

Going in-depth, he informed Knight Life reporters that there has been a slight problem with unknown cars parked in the Loy Norrix parking lots.If all cars are registered, Campus Safety can then check for the presence of any weapons or explosives in the vehicles, and they can alert the school.

Teachers and EFE and EFA students are to be registered also. Students who don’t have the registration pass on their car window will be given a warning sticker on the car window. If you do not have your car registered and are still cited a second time, the car may be towed.

Now, as for the question that is on all of our minds: how did the $30 registration fee get put in the announcements?

“It was meant as a guideline for me,” said Prewitt. “An informational sheet that was used, it listed charging $30 for student parking along with the required documentations for student parking. This sheet was mistakenly turned in to be announced along with the correct announcement for student parking.”

In other words, the sheet that was meant for Principal Prewitt was accidentally given to those who give the morning announcements and was delivered to students during the announcements that morning. Upon hearing this new registration rule requiring the $30 fee, students were not happy to hear that.

Senior Jordyne Hitt told Knight Life reporters that she, “Was going to pay $30 to park at the park before I park at my school,” said Hitt. “Students would have parked here anyway. I think that’s what most people would have done.”

On September 11th, Assistant Principal Aguinaga made an announcement that the $30 dollar registration fee was not intended, and would not be required to register a car.

So please, make sure you register your cars in the tower and get that registration sticker on your car window. All you have to do is go to the tower with your license and car registration form and receive your registration sticker for the 2015-2016 school year.

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