Confederate No More, The Double Crossed Flag is No Longer Relevant


By Jalin Pritchett, guest writer.

Is the confederate flag necessary? That is the question we all want to ask.  Some would say that it’s still the symbol of the south, I would not. Not only does it represent a racist statement but it takes away somebody’s independence. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary and there’s no reason for it to be around anymore; it’s time to bury the hatchet.

The confederate flag came about in the year 1861, used as the battle flag for the south during the Civil War. It is the single most known symbol of the confederacy. The Klu Klux Klan also used this as their flag to represent racism towards African Americans and also southern heritage. The history alone backing this battle flag should give us more than enough reasoning to disband this flag from any state grounds.

The problem of still waving the flag around has been addressed many times, including one of the more recent situations in South Carolina this past summer. South Carolina’s House passed an amendment allowing a debate for removing the confederate flag from Capitol grounds. A two-thirds majority vote in both the House and Senate was needed in order for it to get to the governor’s desk and actually remove the flag.

Very many people still wave the flag around as a representation of a culture that supports discrimination. To me, it’s a symbol of failure. The southern states did fail to win the Civil War. Some people are so uneducated or ignorant about the situation that they fail to see that it can separate, discriminate and hurt others. Rape, beatings, whippings, and just pure evil is all I see in that double crossed ‘symbol’ of the southerners, and people that are so stubborn and value the tradition of the flag so much, they’re not open to a discussion about change. What really doesn’t make sense is when Northerners use the flag because first of all you’re holding the at enemies flag on one hand, and second you’re failing to see what it represents, whether you like it or not. Racism is still very alive in the United States.

This flag is not necessary because it still shows the hatred towards a culture that was enslaved, judged, and killed only because of the pigment of their skin.



  1. The “flag” in mention was a battle flag taken into battle to distinguish confederate soldiers from union soldiers. In the battle feild as it was hard to distinguish in smoke. 750.000 men died in battle .the battle flag honors these men who were declared Veterans of the united states by the

    govt.of the usa. To dishonor this flag
    dishonors these veterans who were
    fighting a tyrannical govt.There were
    black soldiers whom also fought
    under this battle flag. The kkk has
    their own flag .they carry the other
    American flag the stars and stripes
    along with the battle flag.
    Much as the bible , the koran have those who misuse it and its meaning.that doesnt make the inadiment object hateful just the person who choose to misuse its true meaning.
    H.K.Edgarton you can google him will be more than happy to enlighten you on the battle flag and the soldiers whom fought under it.
    please learn history before spewing your own hatred.Dont fall victim to the “victors” form of history learn to research yourself.


  2. To jalin

    I am sorry that your ignorance of American history appears to be quite extensive and your intolerance for something you do not fully understand or seem to be able to put into context of history is frankly insulting but your history and social studies teachers may be in large part to blame for that. I challenge you to please do some real research on your own into the history from both sides of the arguement regarding the battle flag, from both sides of the war, examine the causes of the war and most importantly American history for say at least the 80 years prior to the war starting, yes all 80 yars. A full study of those 80 years or so may open your mind a little more and hopefully not just rush to judgement on something you appear to know little about. Please remember when looking at historical and politics events you must try not to use your modern way of thinking and morals to interpret the past, you have to try to put yourself in their minds and try to use and understand their values. I wish to the best in your studies.


  3. This article is a joke. Oh the poor mistreated black folks. Never mind the fact that there was not a single slave ship that flew the southern cross. That was the American flag. And nevermind the fact that their own people sold them into slavery. And nevermind the fact that their have been more slaves throughout history that were not African than were, including white slaves but yet the only ones that are still complaining about it are select black folks. I don’t even think the people still in slavery in Malaysia complain as much as they do and slavery for blacks ended over 150 yrs ago. Go do actual research and no I don’t mean history books written by the winners. Those are always written in favor of them and incredibly biased. Find the truth before tryin to educate others on whats relevant. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy and the constitution so I’ll always honor their sacrifice. My flag will always wave.


  4. Young man, you need to do some research. Much of what you write here is inaccurate, or at best the quoting of people with extreme views. For example, if you scrutinize photos of marching Klansmen (back in their 1920s heyday) you will not see a Confederate Battle Flag but you WILL see many USA flags. By your reasoning, Old Glory too should be banned. Additionally, I display the CBF but NOT because of any racism. I display it because 1) four of my direct ancestors fought under that flag (not one of them owned or cared to own a slave). And 2) it is a beautiful design for a flag, one of the most attractive flags I know. I deplore that racists like Mr. Roof hijacked the CBF to use in their evil causes, but this will not stop me from cherishing the CBF!


  5. So your ancestors fought under this flag? Your ancestors are RACIST then. You still fly this flag, for your ancestors? You’re racist and your ancestors are yes– still racist.
    In consideration to this nefarious flag, there is no point which can be made in any way which would even possibly ameliorate the harm which has been done to this society that is represented by this flag.


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