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Dear Editor,

The Knights Speak portion of the paper is a very useful way to acknowledge different viewpoints of students. Because the section is so condensed, I believe it takes away from the section. This has potential to really open the paper up to more viewpoints of the other side. If you were to take the big three ideologies; liberal, conservative, and libertarian-take one person from each and have them thoroughly discuss their ideas on a major political subject. Just so students can see the gritty details behind a person’s thoughts. Therefore, opening up more viewpoints and keeping a person’s mind open to new ideas rather than emphasizing on one.

Senior, Austin Herbert

Dear Editor,

I think overall it [“Loy Norrix Men’s Basketball Honors Veterans In Military Appreciation Game” by Paul Vallier] was a great day. Coach Covalt did a great job getting the event up and the article is good. It is always great when anyone can recognize someone who has served for our country, so this day felt good. Meeting all the military people, talking to them was really nice. After we lost the game by a buzzer-beater everyone on the team was mad, but coach said before going out to the event to “change our moods because some of the military people have went to war, they have seen friends die, they’ve had to shoot people, losing by 1 point is nothing compared to that.” We played our hearts out not only for a conference championship, but also for the veterans and active members. They said even though we lost, they appreciated the way we played.

Senior, Timothy Steven

Dear Editor,

I liked the article on sexual harassment. This is an issue that isn’t widely known. Personally, I welcome certain things like pick up lines by formulas and various touching. However guys also do it to guys. Girls also do it to girls. I may be comfortable with a girl doing it to me, but I am not comfortable with guys.

I liked the articles, the law is very broad and going deeper into this issue is worthwhile. That kind of attention may not be bad necessarily, but it’s good to know what sexual harassment actually is.

Senior,Tavion Davis

Dear Editor,

What I did not like was the “ISIS Terrorist Group Attacks.” I don’t like talking about ISIS because they are very violent and I feel really bad for the people who lived in Paris. That day was so sad. But I mean, people are gonna say whatever they want about ISIS. I really don’t care about ISIS. I just hope that one day ISIS stops all this bombing and shooting attacks. I just want this world to be at peace. America needs to bring happiness to the world and, ISIS, please stop this violence.

Freshman, Kelissa Robinson

Dear Editor,

I liked the article “Sexual Harassment in School Has Come to be Expected.” I really agree with what is said in the article. I thought the quote, “Sexual harassment is basically stuff that you shouldn’t say to your mother” gave a broad example of what kind of stuff is being said. Fear of sexual harassment is why girls mostly feel so uncomfortable when having to walk in front of a group of boys. Sexual harassment can happen to any gender, men and women, and it makes people get an uneasy feeling about normal things such as walking to class or shopping for groceries.

Young girls that can’t even wrap their heads around sexual harassment, who are still playing barbies, living in a fairytale, shouldn’t have to deal with how sexual harassment is becoming a normality. No one should.

Sophomore, Isabel Deary

Dear Editor,

I read your article, “Flint Water Crisis: Thousands Devastated By Lead Contaminated Water,” and it caught my attention to many things. I liked how you stated actual facts on what’s been going on with the Flint Water situation. It helps inform me on what’s actually been going on. I have family that stays there, and I had no idea on how much it could affect their state of health. I wanted to thank you for addressing the problem. I never looked that close into the issue because I didn’t think it was a serious thing. With the information that you provided, it allowed me to see the crisis in a different perspective. Flint is, and has been, crying out for help for a while and our government is ignoring it. I thought that the government had everything under control, but I can see now that they’re neglecting the situation completely. Learning this makes me pretty upset, and I wish that they would do something about it quick because they don’t see how much of a negative effect it is on innocent people. You put the article together really great, and I like how you received opinions from others on the issue.

Senior, Jazemine Hairston

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Hoverboards Threaten People’s Safety and Wreak Havoc.” It was a very interesting and eye-opening read. Personally, I don’t like hoverboards. I feel they are a waste of money. Now with reading this article, I have more reasons not to like hoverboards. It seems there is [a limited number of] times, places, and ways you can ride it that it’d get boring.

Seeing pictures and videos on media of people riding and doing tricks on hoverboards have always looked cool. Yet, how do you trust this thing? It’s a battery working machine that you have no control over. You can try to direct [it] where you want, but you don’t know how it’s going to act for sure. I personally don’t want a hoverboard and don’t plan to ride one due to all the safety issues.

Sophomore, Kaleigh Burnett

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Flint Water Crisis: Thousands Devastated by Lead Contaminated Water” and I must say that was a fantastic read. The author, Clayton Barker, did an excellent job describing the state Flint is in right now and how dangerous living there with their contaminated water really is. Also, the fact that our school is going to help the people there shows Loy Norrix is not all about lockdowns and fights, but a school that helps others and supports causes when people are suffering. Helping Flint sets a great example for the other schools, showing we all need to help when one of our fellow Michigan communities is going through a time of hardship.

Sophomore, Alex Smith

Dear Editor,

I read an article about Temetrion Hegler, that passed away on January 6, 2016. Honestly, he was a very amazing person. I had a couple classes with him last year and I appreciated his sense of humor. He didn’t deserve to be killed, but now he’s an angel in heaven. I wish he was still here with us. Rest in peace Temetrion.

Senior, Vallclec Rodriguez

Dear Editor,

The article I read is called “Overcoming Grief: Kalamazoo Teens Grieve While Striving to Overcome Gun Violence.” This is a good and sad article to read, but I think this explains how most people feel after they lose someone that means a lot to them. I also think that whoever wrote this knew one of these young boys that passed away because it seems like they have experienced the pain before, or have been through a loss of an important person in their lives.

Freshman, Gabby Davis

Dear Editor,

I really liked the “Flint Water Crisis: Thousands Devastated by Lead Contaminated Water” article. Flint really needed this miracle. I couldn’t imagine having to use water with lead in it. I heard about children getting really sick due to this crisis. It’s really sad that city officials already knew that the water was toxic. Instead of trying to save money, the government should have used Detroit’s Lake Huron water. Honestly, I pray that the people in Flint get better.
I believe Norrix did a good job by sending water to the city. Flint is probably receiving a lot of water from people all over the world. This shows that a lot of people have caring hearts.

Sophomore, Zakeura Thomas

Dear Editor,

I really like Max Offerman’s article, “Kalamazoo Acquires Body Cameras for Police.” I agree with Max that body cameras are not unreasonable. Police wearing body cameras will assure the rights of [the] people. The privacy the police are losing is a small price to [pay to] ensure the people’s rights. Body cameras will minimize any questions about unnecessary forces or following procedures.

Junior, Julia Townley

Dear Editor,

I read the article: “High School Wrestlers Battle Skin Infections,” by Paul Vallier. I thought the article was a very serious matter. Schools should take their health concerns more seriously. Sports should not cause health problems. I think the mats should be cleaned between every match. Schools get money for sports, why not use it wisely.

Senior, Kayleigh Dyer

Dear Editor,

I like the article about technology leading to the end of social skills. I agree because when phones weren’t really around and popular, it was way easier to talk to a friend or adult. But now since we can rely on texting so much, we don’t really have a social relationship with anyone. It is true that it even is a problem of not being aware of our surroundings because we are so distracted.

Sophomore, Nuru Lewis

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed this newspaper because it has all the issues that affect us as students especially the article “The Cost of the Game,” by Chris Hybels. I don’t think coaches and teachers  understand how much a sport [can] cost, and not everyone has the money. I think there should be more fundraisers for students who can’t afford to play a sport because enough students are struggling to buy prom tickets and [their] cap and gown.

Senior, Nahshon Lewis

Dear Editor,

I read “Flint Water Crisis.” I think it’s great that our basketball team took time out of their weekends to help out. It’s terrible what’s happening in Flint, but it makes me appreciate what I have. My mom and I have both participated in giving water to Flint. I hope that eventually everything will work out for them. I liked this article and how he [Clayton] included what other people said about it and facts about what’s happening in Flint.

Sophomore, Maddie Dunham

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed seeing Kalamazoo Public Schools come together and encourage everyone to donate to the people in Flint. I’m really upset, as a citizen who has lived in Michigan since birth, to hear that  Governor Snyder had [known] about the toxic lead poisoning Flint’s people and did nothing to prevent the problem. [It’s] so horrible. I believe he should resign as governor because of this situation.

Junior, MarTaja Gordon-Wilson

Dear Editor,

I read the article about police body cameras. I was very impressed with it. It didn’t focus only on the negative but  talked about some positive things being done by the police. It was nice to see both sides of the situation on this story.

Junior, Nick Loken

Dear Editor,

I like the story “Police Brutality Unveiled: How Police Abuse their Power.” I liked that article because it explains real life stories of what’s actually going on in this world with the brutality the police display. Whether they  feel they have more power than other people throughout the community or not, it will still not be considered okay for them to treat us wrong. I like how not only does it focus on recent cases, but also on the people who may be targeted the most based on race and age. I agree that these incidents have been getting worse and worse.

Over the [last] couple of years, it is hard to believe so many people [have] passed. All cases mentioned were really uncalled for and could have been avoided by police making the right moves. After all, the police is supposed to be seen as leaders, but recently, the cases that they have been involved in isn’t really a step toward peace throughout the world. They may be the reason we are leaning away rather than leaning forward [and] being peaceful.

Sophomore, Nuru Lewis

Dear Editor,

I read “LGBT Community Still Feels Oppression in TV Shows” and I still can’t believe that parents think that a TV show is going to “make their kids gay.” Steven Universe is one of my favorite shows, and I’ve always admired how it supports the LGBT community. Homosexuality has always been around even in different species, so this isn’t some new thing. For thousands of years, people had to hide who they were and with all this new knowledge and freedom, homosexuality is still treated like a sickness someone could catch. I know who I am and my peers know who they are. People who are homosexual, heterosexual or something else, were born that way and this kind of oppression is telling them to hide who they are. It took too long to gain equal treatment for women and African Americans, and they still don’t get the respect they deserve. The time it’s taking for ignorant people to grasp the concept that they can’t tell anyone else what to do is insane. If there is a God, why would he want this?

Freshman, Zoe Brown


Dear Editor,

I read the article “Hoverboards Threaten People’s Safety and Wreak Havoc.” I thought it was very reasonable. I think that the word “hoverboard” was used poorly. The “hoverboard” does not hover above the ground, therefore it is not a hoverboard. It is a mini-segway.

I do agree that they are dangerous because of the fire hazard. Also, if you don’t know how to really ride one after several times that you have tried, you should probably just walk away.

Overall, it was a good article. I like how you said we remind you of the people from Wall-E because it reminds me of that to.

Junior, Katline Salinaz

Dear Editor,

Your article [“Cats: Relieving Stress in Public Places”] makes me want to have this implemented in Kalamazoo. There would be a whole lot more stress relief in our school if this happens. However, if this does happen, people may get too distracted and won’t be able to focus; therefore, there should be certain limits on how this should happen.

Sophomore, Nate Miller

Dear Editor,

I read “Kalamazoo Acquires Body Cameras for Police.” I think it’s important for cops to carry body cameras because police can get carried away. They sometimes do things that isn’t right. Body Cameras can tell the whole story.

Sophomore, Teraysia Shavers

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the discussion about superhero movies in this month’s issue of Knight Life. Which I primarily agree with Jake’s article. I understand Carsten’s point of view: Marvel is definitely out to make money. However, I like those films when I’m looking for something fun and interesting to watch. I think “Marvel: Innovators of the 21st Century” really highlighted the ‘spider web’ aspect of the Marvel universe in an accurate and positive way.

Senior, Brooks Eisenbise

Dear Editor,

I read “Cats: Relieving Stress in Public Places.” I loved it because I can relate and think it would be amazing to have cats in public places. I own cats of my own, so I know just how much their love can help relieve stress. Having cats in cafes and libraries would make more people want to go and would be very beneficial.

Junior, Meghan Lewis

Dear Editor,

I liked the article about Steven making State for swimming. It’s great to finally see him get some of the recognition he deserves. Most people have no clue as to how much work he really puts into the sport.
Unfortunately, there was a small error in the article. You said he missed the cut last year by 0.08 seconds, which is true, but the times you wrote down were wrong. You said he went a 1:03.51 and that the State time was 1:03.59.

Senior, Matthew Heyart

Dear Editor,

I read the article about Temetrion Hegler. It was a good article, and it showed his personality through it. It’s probably not the easiest to read or write, but it’s good that we’re showing people care. The details made you feel like he was right there. He was a great person to know and it’s good that it’s being told.

Senior, Kayleigh Dyer

Dear Editor,

I read the article of Point and Counterpoint, by Jake and Carsten, and was pleased to hear a discussion about the films. I know that many people enjoy the Marvel movies; however, I feel that most of them are pumped out as quickly as possible in the hopes of making the most money. I know that Jake might not have been truly opinionated about this topic, but I am forced to disagree with him and to agree with Carsten. Thank you for trying to keep the paper interesting.

Senior, Elliot Jaynes-Colburn

Dear Editor,

Hello! I just wanted to say that the articles featured in Knight Life are all very well written! I enjoy reading about how the other students view current events in school and our world. It gives many students of all backgrounds an opportunity to be heard. I like how Knight Life does not discriminate and values diversity. Thank you!

Freshman, Katie Shantz

Dear Editor,

I read “Sexual Harassment in School Has Come to be Expected,” and I completely agree. I was harassed a bunch in the 3rd grade, and I had to switch schools because of it. It’s so annoying how some teachers just dismiss it [sexual harassment] as a school crush. I’m just really glad people are calling attention to that.

Sophomore, Tyler Wilger

Dear Editor,

In “Where do They Stand?” by Nora Hilgart-Griff, Mr. Wright said, “Ted Cruz wants a libertarian society with limited government.”

This is simply not true. Ted Cruz opposes same-sex marriage, a key point in the libertarian rhetoric of maximized freedom. He also opposes legalization of marijuana. What limited government wants to dictate how you live your life? The government is a protector, not a parent. Ted Cruz also supports mass surveillance. That’s hardly a libertarian position. Ted Cruz may support a more open economy and gun rights, but he is not in favor of a more libertarian society.  

Senior, Connor Peterman

Dear Editor,

I appreciated the article “LGBT Community Still Feels Oppression in TV Shows,” by Arya Malmgren. It touches on some of the obstacles directors face in including LGBT representation, like censoring. It would have been nice to see mention of how few bi, pan, or asexual characters exist on TV. Still, it was a good article.

Junior, Brandi Greig

Dear Editor,

I love reading Knight Life and all of the interesting articles within it. However, I feel that it’s lacking some things that I, personally, would love to see. There should be a section for short stories, poems, and maybe even some artwork. There are a lot of talented people here at Loy Norrix that maybe want to put their art or stories out there for people to see, but have no idea how to. It would be amazing to discover that the student who sits next to you has a creative talent nobody knew they had! It would just be an incredible opportunity for some students.

Senior, Emma Pearson

Editor’s Note:

Please feel free to submit creative works including, short stories, poems, artwork, and photography to the NEHS literary magazine through English Department head, Brianna English.


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