Lady Knights Participate in the S.M.A.C. Championship

The Lady Knights swim season has ended with a splash. Their 2016 season started on August 10th and ended November 8th with a last chance meet, which allowed the swimmers a last chance to meet the goal times they wanted.

The Lady Knights swam their way to the S.M.A.C. championship

 or Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference. Each swimmer had a specific goal in mind, whether it be making it to the state meet or dropping time in her race. The tensions ran high.

Divers took to the board for their final chance to reach their goals for the season. Loy Norrix juniors Ferren Olmstead, Mey Wong, Emily Lewman and Naomi Verne were the divers of the 2016 fall season. They practiced every Monday through Friday after school at Western Michigan University’s aquatics center. This included both workouts on and off the diving board. Dryland is a workout that does not include the water or the board and includes abdominal work, leg work, stretching, and more. This type of workout allows the divers to learn new dives and techniques to do their dives.

“I reached eleven dives, which I couldn’t do last year,” said Loy Norrix junior Mey Wong referring to the eleven different dive forms she learned

The S.M.A.C. championship pushes swimmers and divers to do their best and move up in the ranks. It gives them a chance to set personal goals and see themselves succeed.

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