The Junk in Seniors’ Trunks

Rachel Thompson

Photo Credit / Abby Farrer

Most Interesting item- This walking stick that I used for hiking over spring break.

Favorite Item- The towels from South Carolina and the multiple pairs of shoes.  

“My car may always be messy, but if you need something, I have it!”


Julia Townley

Photo Credit / Abby Farrer

Favorite Item- This melted bag of ice from when I sprained my ankle

Memorable Item- Sophomore year my best friend died, so I have a little angel ornament that hangs from my mirror, it’s like my guardian angel.

“Everyone knows where I am because my car is such a bright yellow.”


Jacob Remelius

Photo Credit / Abby Farrer 

Favorite item- My hockey pucks because I never know when i’m going to go play.

Random Item- My old baseball stuff that I still haven’t taken out

“It’s trashed.”


Sophia Boisemier

Photo Credit / Abby Farrer

Most used Item- I always keep lotion in my car just in case I need it.

Random Item- The spirit jug that just ended up in my car after homecoming.

“Pretty on the outside, dirty on the inside.”


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