Bubbles, Backboards and Bodies: Aquatics class should be taken by every student because it’s fun and could help save lives

The aquatics class practices safe dives into the water. This class consists of a water safety unit, water polo and an endurance swimming unit. “Aquatics is a fun class that I recommend because it teaches you how to be safe in the water,” said sophomore Madison Hanfland. Photo Credit / Rebecca Taplin

Do you not know how to swim? Then you would probably be thinking aquatics isn’t the class for you, but you’re wrong. Aquatics should be an essential class for everyone. In Michigan, we have five great lakes and you can’t travel a mile without hitting some form of water be it a stream, lake, pond or river.

“I recommend this class because Michigan is surrounded by water and the coach is cool,” said freshman Evan Clark.

Not only do you learn how to swim, but you also get taught life-saving techniques such as how to search for victims in deep water and how to strap a body to a backboard correctly.

“If you are put in a situation where someone needs your help, having experience saving a drowning victim would be extremely beneficial,” said sophomore Naree Mitchell.

On top of just saving people, this class also focuses on the fun aquatics activities such as learning how to play water polo or simply just learning how to become a more powerful swimmer.

“If you’re a weak swimmer, you do get lots of experience in the water to become a stronger swimmer,” said sophomore Ryan Tipton.

People who have taken this class enjoy it and learn many skills for the future while having a blast in the water.

“I look forward to the free days mostly because coach puts the diving boards down so I can attempt doing cool stuff, but about half the flips I do just end out with a loud smack and a red back,” said sophomore Kylie Taplin.

Even students who don’t admit to learning much in aquatics, at least state one beneficial thing about this class.

“This class has helped me hold my breath longer,” said sophomore Brady Fillingham.

Overall, this physical education class combines fun and lifesaving techniques to help save many lives in the future while having a class to look forward to throughout the seemingly endless weeks of school.      

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