Students Respond to Injured Athletes

Dear Editor,

I really liked the story about Sierra Knight in the “Dedicated Fall Sports Players Face Injuries.” I like it because I play volleyball, and she was really inspirational to me when I was playing because she is so nice and such a good player. She is everything I want to be in volleyball. Also, unlike most of the other girls on varsity and my JV team she was actually nice to me. But other girls saw that too, like the girls on the freshman team saw it. I didn’t have one thing about the article I didn’t like. I really enjoyed it. She is a great person and player.

  • Aaliyah Bledsoe, sophomore

Dear Editor,

I loved your article about Hunter, Carlos, and Sierra. I’m an athlete myself and one of our biggest fears are not being able to play. Playing a game with your team is the best. But, as all athletes know, you’re only one injury away from never playing again. Also, it’s important to know that our athletes are doing well and devoting themselves to the game.

David Wilson, freshman

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Dedicated Fall Sports Players face Injuries.” I like how Olivia supported her opinion with a lot of supporting evidence. This article would have been better if the injured players had more to say about their experience of their injuries.

  • Kayonna White, sophomore

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