Students Respond to Martin Luther King Day at Western Michigan University

Dear Editor,

The “MLK Day Brings A Spark of Awareness to the Community” article by Jasmine Alocer was very interesting. Jasmine did a great job of giving background information on what MLK Day at WMU is about. Then she expanded into giving knowledge of what took place. I have been to one MLK Day before and reading this makes me regret not going this year. Truly inspiring.

I love how the writer incorporated the gun violence that was mentioned at MLK Day. It’s very detailed and nice. This article fits perfectly with today’s issues and I liked how she quoted students that attended. Truly an amazing piece.

  • Cornez Bell, senior

Dear editor,

I really enjoyed reading the “MLK Day Brings a Spark of Awareness in the Community” article because it touches on important events that are happening around our nation. I like how the WMU held an event dedicated to Martin Luther King Day because he played a huge role in history and deserves the recognition for the change he made in our world

  • Amari Wedge, sophomore

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