Students Recommend Improvements

Dear Editor,

I thought that the newspaper was well written. The problem was that the topics weren’t engaging or interesting enough to me as a student. Me personally, I’m not as interested in the new administrators. The AC portion was sort of interesting but I would care more about what’s being done if anything. These topics may have been used because nothing interesting is going on.

Grant Kahler, freshman

Dear Editor,

In general, I would like more of the opinion section and I want the return of the comic section. The opinion section normally was full of terrible opinions, but it still showed me insight of others, which is nice. Back to comics: it was cold. Sure they weren’t the best, but it was still nice to see them. It was a distraction from the rest of the paper.

Alen Mejia Guerra, junior

Dear Editor,

I think that you did well but I think you could put more information on the homecoming king and queen, like have them explain to you why they ran for homecoming, or did someone inspire them to run for it.

Savannah Stewart, freshman


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