Students are Touched by Eli Verne Article

Dear Editor,

I thought that the article honoring Eli was a really kind way to talk about the person he was and how much everyone misses him. I liked how it talked about things he liked to do and people he had influenced during his life. I definitely think his friends and family will appreciate it.

Valerie Humiston, freshman

Dear Editor,

I read the article about Eli Verne. I thought it was a really touching article that really showed the side of Eli that not many were able to see. I knew him slightly through my brother who was on the swim team with him, and he was always giggling and trying to make others laugh, while being serious about his craft. I remember seeing him do a butterfly stroke with a safety cone on his head before practice. I think he was such a sweet kid who deserved so much more acknowledgement.  

Jada Roberts, sophomore


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