Students Respond to Relationships

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed the article “Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Have to Mingle” by Miranda Cole. I enjoyed this article because one, Miranda is amazing, and she did an amazing job with the flow of the article. The second reason why I enjoyed it was because I felt that it was extremely relatable. I just found the article to be both hysterical and a great take on what it means to be single. The article took real people and their experiences, and used them to inspire the idea that being without a high school partner is perfectly fine with good friends by your side.

Mikayla England, junior


Dear Editor,

“Relationship Strain? Or Delight,” is the name of the article that I chose to read and I enjoyed it. “Being able to date in high school means you’ll have training for actual adult relationships.” This specific line I found interesting. Only because I’m curious as to what’s the difference between teenage relationships and adult relationships. I feel like people change more than the actual relationships. I would also like to add the part of my opinion whether a relationship is a strain or a delight. You can only answer that based on where you are in life. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love anybody else.

Shelia Harris, senior

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