Students Respond to 2018 Memes

Dear Editor,

I read the “Loy Norrix in 2018 Memes” and thought overall it was a well written and very interesting section of the

newspaper. The reason this part of the newspaper really caught my attention was just the fact that the headline was in comic sans. It also made me laugh inside because everyone can appreciate a good meme. If there would have been one thing to change that would have been the memes selected. I noticed that all them had to relate to Loy Norrix which I understand but variation would have been better in my opinion. But overall this section was really enjoyable and hope to see more relatable sections in the future.

Brendan Brown, sophomore

Dear Editor,

I love the article “Loy Norrix in 2018 Memes,” one of my favorite memes of all time is in the article. I like the article because it shows student relationships when we are in school. I like the Pokemon meme because it is very hilarious. With that meme, it shows that there are many people in school don’t study. It was comical when they used the meme in that format because that is a popular meme.

Tori Martin, senior


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