Students Respond to a Variety of Articles

Dear Editor,
I read “Theories Assemble” and I thought that it would be one large group of theories from students on the upcoming movie “Avengers Endgame” but it ended up being different student’s talking about the theories that they have heard and what they believe will happen in Endgame.
I liked how the article was formatted and some of the theories the students had come up with and how our school newspaper is talking about something like Marvel Movies and it’s interesting to see how popular superhero movies have become. I think that it’s interesting to get the theories and opinions of students on things like Marvel Movies and how mainstream it is to enjoy superhero movies, and it is so mainstream, in fact, that we have talked about it in our school newspaper and I enjoyed some of the theories that were presented by the students.
Sidney Davis, sophomore
Dear Editor,
In sincere regards, I read the “Proposal 1” article in which you give students and staff a voice in the school media about the recent proposal of the legalization of marijuana. The thing that drew my eye the most was the interviews. I especially like how you included staff members along with students. The duality of which shows the comfortability of staff and student relations in Loy Norrix. Although equal representation of grade level interviews needs work. Good article keep it up! 🙂
Claudio Vivanco, freshman
Dear Editor,
I read the article “A Fresh Perspective: Loy Norrix Welcomes New Principal.”  I thought that it was extremely well written because it kept the reader involved and focused on the story, it also presented information on the principal that was not common knowledge, to help us understand him more, like how he has a multitude of years of teaching experience and was also a former dean of students. I liked how I was able to see some of his likes and dislikes, so I feel as though I know him well. Although I am a little surprised, how could he not like cheese but nonetheless, it helps me understand what he does and why a little better. I think, after reading this, I will show him more respect than I already do.
Allen DeRyke, junior
Dear Editor,
I enjoyed the article written by Alexis Weeden concerning child labor. I think this is a big problem also, and it seems like it goes under the radar and doesn’t get much attention in the news from what I have seen. In having a teacher all the way back in 6th grade who was very passionate about child labor and its consequences, I have known about this topic for a while. Although, since then I have not heard much about it. I think that this article did a good job compiling information, and the graph below was very revealing, showing how many children, especially in Africa, are victims to child labor and very low pay. It also did a good job of explaining the problem very clearly and offering ways that the everyday person can help with this issue.
Finn Brent, junior