Students Respond to A Variety of Articles

Dear Editor,
In this Knight Life newspaper they had a word fill-in for 2000’s cartoons and it took me and two of my friends to fill in the whole thing. It was interesting to see what shows we knew and didn’t know, and what shows were on the list and what shows were not on the list but we managed to get them all right.
Sidney Davis, sophomore
Dear Editor,
I really liked the “Slang Across the Decades” piece. It was really clever and funny. However you spelled ‘Naashar’ wrong along with ‘Slatt.’ But other than that, good job. I thought it was funny and I would like to see content like that in the future.
Emma Scheele, junior
Dear Editor,
I read “Loy Norrix Twins Describe What It’s Like Being Identical,” by Jeanie Gould-McElhone. What I liked about this article is how real it is. It shows the negatives of being a twin. The article doesn’t sugar-coat anything. What I did not like is how broad it was. It always referred to “all twins” instead of just “Eva and Zoe.” I wish they would get a bit more personal.
Peyton Wescott, sophomore